• Chislic

    A dish unique to South Dakota, chislic is beef (sometimes bison) that is well-marinated, then deep-fried to crusty-edged succulence. Its origins are Russian, where pork was the favored meat. In fact, it has become a favorite way to prepare just about any wild game in the Mount Rushmore State.

  • Horseshoe

    Created in Springfield, Illinois, in the 1920s, the horseshoe is a giant plate of food that has gone far beyond its original resemblance to equine footwear. Local taverns and diners pile shoes with hamburgers, pork tenderloins, fried chicken, whitefish or just vegetables along with about a kilo of French fries and a flood of cheese … Continue reading Horseshoe

  • Italian Beef Sandwich

    A shaft of muscular bread filled with thin-sliced beef in garlicky natural gravy, Italian Beef is the king of street food in Chicago. Optional garnishes include “sweet” (roasted peppers), “hot” (giardiniera relish), or a length of char-cooked sausage.

  • Steamed Cheeseburger

    A special steam cabinet is used to cook individual portions of ground beef and blocks of Vermont cheddar cheese, the latter transformed by steam into a pearlescent mass just viscous enough to seep into every crevice of the meat below, but not so runny that it escapes the sandwich. The soft hamburger (no crust on … Continue reading Steamed Cheeseburger

  • Sonoran Hot Dog

    Tucson’s favorite street food is a dizzying package. An all-beef frank, wrapped in bacon and grilled, gets garnished with pinto beans, chopped tomatoes, onions, mustard, hot jalapeno sauce, and a squiggle of mayonnaise, then planted in a big soft bun and sided by a mercilessly hot roasted pepper.

  • Banana Pudding

    Of all the South’s soothing desserts, none is quite so palliative as banana pudding or, as true aficionados of comfort food know it, ‘naner pudding. It is a dandy finish for any meal of meat and threes, especially welcome as the denouement following salty country ham, spicy barbecue, or highly seasoned fried chicken.