• Chicken Fried Steak

    It seems logical that the southwest’s favorite comfort food, chicken-fried steak, traces its heritage back to central European immigrant cooks who found themselves without the fixin’s for a fine, tender cut of veal to make wiener schnitzel. Instead, they took a hunk of cow and beat the chaw out of it, then fried it up … Continue reading Chicken Fried Steak

  • Five Way Chili

    Nothing like Texas chili, Cincinnati Five-Way is a layered dish of spaghetti noodles, spicy sweet (but not four-alarm) ground beef sauce with a distinct Greek accent, kidney beans, raw onions, and shredded yellow cheese. Every Cincinnatian has a favorite among the city’s dozens of chili parlors.

  • Lexington Barbecue

    There are literally dozens of styles of barbecue across the wide state of North Carolina. Lexington-style is king: pork shoulders cooked over wood coals until fallapart tender, dressed with minimal vinegar-based red sauce. Have a platter or sandwich, sliced or chopped, and ask for extra pieces of crunchy skin.

  • Beef on Weck

    Beyond perfectly cooked and expertly sliced roast beef, the “weck” aspect of Buffalo’s favorite sandwich is essential. From the German word Kummel, meaning caraway seed, a kummelweck looks vaguely like an ordinary hard roll spangled with caraway seeds and coarse salt. But it is not ordinary. A correct weck is delicate, its freshness evanescent. Lightness … Continue reading Beef on Weck

  • Smith Island Cake

    Not every state has an official dessert. Named for one of the two inhabited islands in the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland’s Smith Island Cake is a 10-layer tour de force of fluffy cake and creamy icing in all the colors of the flavor rainbow. It’s well worth trying to eat it on Smith Island, where the … Continue reading Smith Island Cake

  • Boudin

    A specialty of butchers throughout Cajun country, boudin is a sausage of pork, rice, onions, and spice. It is not firm like an Italian sausage. Once cut, it tends to spill, tumble, or gets squeezed out depending on the link’s consistency. It comes in shades of beige, hot ones tinged pepper red, some speckled with … Continue reading Boudin