• Schwabl’s

    Buffalo, New York

    Schwabl’s is a tavern restaurant that serves that great Buffalo specialty, beef on weck, at its best. It just might be America’s #1 roast beef sandwich.

  • Swan Street Diner

    Buffalo, New York

    Buffalo’s Swan St. Diner is an impeccably restored 1937 Sterling dining car serving hash house classics made with 21st century brio. Must-eat: hot mini-donuts.

  • Ted’s Hot Dogs

    Buffalo, New York

    Ted’s is a Buffalo, New York, treasure, its charcoal-grilled hot dogs with hot sauce, a side of O-rings, and a loganberry a great American meal.

  • Condrell’s Candies & Ice Cream

    Kenmore, New York

    Condrell’s sundaes are a Buffalo best: house-made ice cream and toppings, fresh whipped cream, and crisp toasted nuts. Plus fantastic chocolates of all kind.

  • Sophia’s Restaurant

    Buffalo, New York

    Terrific from-scratch cooking and a full bar attract hungry (and thirsty) Buffalonians from all walks of life to Sophia’s, where friendly diner spirit reigns.

  • Bar-Bill Tavern

    East Aurora, New York

    Gorgeous (and delicious) Buffalo wings and masterfully built beef on weck sandwiches put Bar-Bill Tavern on the must-eat list of western New York.


  • Where to Get Classic Northeastern Tomato Pies

    Unlike southern tomato pies, which tend to be savory casseroles (as at Mary Mac’s Tea Room in Atlanta) or pastry cups (as at Grits & Groceries in Belton, South Carolina), tomato pies of the northeast are clearly members of the pizza family. In fact, they are arguably the foundations of American pizza, originally created in … Continue reading Where to Get Classic Northeastern Tomato Pies

  • Breakfast in the West

    As breathtaking as a western sunset is, western breakfast can be every bit as beautiful. Sunrise never tasted better than it does at any one of these dozen eateries with big, bright personalities and hearty meals to match.

  • Where to Eat in Montgomery, Alabama

    Montgomery has great soul-food BBQ (at Brenda’s) and barn-party BBQ (at Fat Boy’s Bar-B-Que Ranch) and some of the best meat-and-3 anywhere (at Martin’s). Alabama’s capital city also reflects the Gulf Coast in glorious crab and fish at Jubilee Seafood. Here too is one of the largest stockyards in the east, where you will find a … Continue reading Where to Eat in Montgomery, Alabama

  • America’s Byways: Great Lakes Seaway Trail

    America’s Byways® are a collection of 150 National Scenic Byways and All-American Roads designated by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation.The Great Lakes Seaway Trail takes you through Niagara Falls and the 1000 Islands and into the vastly underappreciated regional-food bonanzas of Rochester and Buffalo, New York.

  • North of Milwaukee

    The drive north from Milwaukee is a grand taste of Wisconsin. First stop: Sheboygan, renowned for its butchers’ brats (rhymes with hots, short for bratwurst), cooked over charcoal at the Charcoal Inn. In Manitowoc, Beerntsen’s Confectionery cooks candy in vintage copper kettles and hand-dips toffee, turtles, and chocolate-coated sugar puffs (known as fairy food). Wisconsin’s … Continue reading North of Milwaukee

  • Coffee Milk Love in Rhode Island

    Twenty-eight states have an official state drink. For several in dairy country, it is milk. In California, it is wine; in Maine, Moxie; in Indiana, water. Dine around Rhode Island and it becomes apparent what the Ocean State’s official drink is: coffee milk. It is mild stuff — more milk than coffee, and more sweet … Continue reading Coffee Milk Love in Rhode Island


  • Bumbleberry Pie

    All sorts of berries are available for picking when summer comes to South Dakota, and bakers make the most of them in pies. The one known as bumbleberry is especially popular in local cafes. It is a mix of whatever’s ripe, usually including blueberries, rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries, and, when available, huckleberries.

  • Oyster Roast

    The oyster roast is a cultural touchstone of the Lowcountry – a communal feast where amenities are minimal and camaraderie is huge. It is centered around oysters that have been covered with wet burlap over smoldering charcoal, wallowing in their juices. More warmed than cooked, they retain all the sensual mouth feel of raw ones … Continue reading Oyster Roast

  • Poutine

    One way to refer to yukky leftovers in colloquial Quebecoise is to call them poutine. At its worst, poutine can indeed be awful. But made right, it is transcendent. It must start with excellent French fries (twice fried), which are a staple at roadside snack bars throughout the province. Top the hot spuds with squeaky-fresh … Continue reading Poutine

  • Barbecue Fried Chicken

    Outstanding fried chicken is a staple throughout North Carolina, but Keaton’s of Statesville takes it to a higher plane. Once fried to a crisp, pieces of juicy bird get a quick dip in Keaton’s zesty hot sauce, which somehow gets sucked through the skin and into the meat down to the bone. The result: a … Continue reading Barbecue Fried Chicken

  • Green Chile Cheeseburger

    Down along the Rio Grande in New Mexico’s Mesilla Valley, where most long green chilies grow, cheeseburgers are draped with whole chile pods that have been roasted, peeled and seeded. To the north, the custom is to chop chilies and lay them atop hamburgers, then blanket the chiles with cheese or, alternatively, to first apply … Continue reading Green Chile Cheeseburger

  • Puffy Tacos

    Scottsbluff, Nebraska, has been home to immigrants from Texas and Mexico for nearly a century; and it boasts restaurants that reflect that southwestern flavor. The custom in many of them is to flash-fry corn chips and tortillas so they puff up in the oil and become as three-dimensional as a sopaipilla – airy breadstuffs with … Continue reading Puffy Tacos