• Mamie’s

    Roxbury, Connecticut

    Mamie’s is a country cafe and bakery in Litchfield County, Connecticut, known for beautiful weekend breakfast and brunch, including creme brulee French toast.

  • Eberly

    Austin, Texas

    Unique eats and fresh cocktails bring coziness to this modern and historic Austin location with a bar that originally was in New York’s Cedar Tavern.

  • The Lobster Trap

    Bourne, Massachusetts

    Cape Cod’s Lobster Trap serves well-executed New England seafood in a bustling restaurant or on a tranquil patio.

  • Cornerstone Pie

    Ellensburg, Washington

    Crust that is crisp & chewy as well as creative topping combinations set Cornerstone Pie apart from average pizza places.

  • Bite Into Maine

    Cape Elizabeth, Maine

    Bite into Maine offers lobster rolls assembled with obsessive detail. It’s a truck that parks at some of the Portland area’s most attractive locations.

  • Bread & Chocolate

    Saint Paul, Minnesota

    An informal St. Paul bakery and espresso shop, Bread & Chocolate has a full pastry menu that includes crisp, sticky caramel rolls enrobed in amber glaze.


  • America’s Byways: Great Lakes Seaway Trail

    Watertown to Niagara Falls

    This tour will take you on a five and a half hour drive along America’s Great Lakes Seaway Trail. Beginning in Watertown, you will end your tour by Niagara Falls. Along the way, we have picked 11 excellent restaurants and candy shops to fill your journey and your…

  • Local Authentic Eats from Las Vegas to Palm Springs

    Road Trip Overview

    This 5.5 hour road trip will take you over a total of 312 miles from the chaotic fast paced streets of Las Vegas to the relaxed town of Palm Springs just next to Joshua Tree National Park. With 3 fantastic restaurants in Las Vegas and another 5 in and around Palm…

  • Eat Your Way Through Texas; Dallas, Austin and Hill Country

    Road Trip Overview

    With a total of 316 miles to cover on this food filled road trip, the predicted drive time is 5 ½ hours. Beginning 30 minutes outside Dallas, the second largest city in Texas, this road trip will take you through small towns and fields, as well as the city of Austin,…

  • 9 Classic New York City Must Eats

    Variety in the Big Apple

    What is the true taste of New York City? Yes, you can dine on the cuisines of the world (especially in the boroughs) and if a food or a chef is trendy, you will find that here for sure; but what are the dining experiences that are nowhere better,…

  • The Best of South Tucson

    South Tucson Treasures

    South Tucson is surrounded by the city of Tucson, but legally and culturally – and edibly – it is a world unto itself, with more excellent Sonoran-style Mexican restaurants than anywhere else. Here are the two great sources of that most baroque American wiener, the Sonoran hot dog — 

  • The Best Places for Pork Roll in New Jersey

    What’s a Pork Roll?

    A New Jersey inamorata little known beyond state borders, pork roll, aka Taylor Ham, is pink like baloney but rugged-textured like salami. It contains enough sugar that when a slice is fried, it develops a caramelized crunch on its surface. It can be a plated breakfast meat (like ham) or…


  • Frito Pie

    Casseroles layered with corn tortillas go back to Mesoamerica, but the Fritos pie (or, if you wish, Frito pie) cannot, by definition, predate 1932. That is when Fritos were patented by Elmer Doolin, who got the recipe from a streetcorner vendor and started selling them at his lunch counter in San Antonio. (Doolin subsequently invented the…

  • Snail Salad

    What Italians throughout New England call scungilli, Rhode Islanders know as snails. And while scungilli salad is fairly rare, snail salad is ubiquitous in the Ocean State. The creature in question is a sea snail, what south Floridians might recognize as conch –a very pretty mollusk in a spiral shell. It is boiled, its meat extracted…

  • Beef on Weck

    Beyond perfectly cooked and expertly sliced roast beef, the “weck” aspect of Buffalo’s favorite sandwich is essential. From the German word Kummel, meaning caraway seed, a kummelweck looks vaguely like an ordinary hard roll spangled with caraway seeds and coarse salt. But it is not ordinary. A correct weck is delicate, its freshness evanescent. Lightness is…

  • Lemon Icebox Pie

    When the climate is hot and a meal is spicy, no dessert is more refreshing than lemon icebox pie with its cool, sweet-tart equilibrium. It is popular throughout the South, but especially so in Memphis and down into cotton country.

  • Hot Lobster Roll

    Simplicity itself: hunks of warm, fresh-picked lobster bathed in butter and piled into a split-top bun that has been lightly grilled (in butter) on both sides. No mayo, no lettuce, no herbs or seasonings. Just sheer lobster-eating bliss.

  • White Clam Pizza

    White clam pizza was first served in New Haven in the mid 20th century. It is a simple pie, made with neither tomatoes nor mozzarella cheese – just freshly-opened clams, minced garlic, a dusting of sharp Pecarino cheese and a sprinkle of herbs. The elegant medley is really more a flatbread than a pizza, its crust…


  • Jane’s Diary: Rolls Royce Taste On a Burger Budget

    For those of you who do not speak Yiddish, here is a wonderful word to know: chutzpah. The dictionary definition is: audacity, cheek, guts, nerve, and boldness.
    For the most part I lack chutzpah. I am not naturally cheeky. I do however like my luxuries.
    Michael and I wrote for Gourmet magazine for eighteen…

  • Cle Elum Bakery

    Cake donuts and maple bars are at their best in this long-standing town bakery, which also is known for its cookies and bread. Good coffee, too.

  • Eat Your Way Around Portland, Oregon

    A Day in Portland

    This single day tour will take you to a variety of restaurants and local eateries around the unique city of Portland, Oregon. The total drive time is a little over an hour long, however, the order at which you visit these restaurants is up for interpretation, so this time may…

  • Restaurants on Route 66 through Albuquerque

    Old School Pharmacy Lunch Counters and Diners – Green Chili Pizza and More

    With 7 locations on and around Route 66 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this list is perfect for anyone who may be passing through, or visiting Albuquerque.

  • Jane’s Diary: Trade-io

    In the first few decades Michael and I spent criss-crossing the country looking for Roadfood, it was hard not to get bored. Of course, the scenery, the people, and the food we found were all amazing; but long hours sitting in the car looking out at fields of crops or sand colored hills could feel interminable….

  • The Best Local Restaurants in and around Palm Springs

    Palm Springs – An Eater’s Oasis in the Desert

    If you come on I-10 from the west, stop in Cabazon at Hadley’s Fruit Orchards (where trail mix was invented). Serving candy, milkshakes and an excellent Fluffernutter, Hadley’s is worth the stop. For hotter-than-hot sauce and great tacos go to