Millie’s Pancake Haus

Review by: Michael Stern

As we sat in a booth at Millie’s Pancake Haus one morning about seven o’clock, we heard a group of people in the next room singing, “My Country ‘Tis of Thee…” It was a branch of the local Lions Club, who meet here regularly to discuss business and eat breakfast. This is a comfortable place to meet, whether you are a club, a couple, or a single traveler. Decorated in a country-craftsy style, with heart-shape cut-outs in the wooden booth-backs, Millie’s is civilized and welcoming.

What to eat at Mille’s Pancake Haus in Tucson, AZ

Millie’s pancakes come in different sizes and flavors, from basic buttermilk (which are thick, steamy, and light-textured) to wafer thin crepes that are called “French pancakes,” topped with jelly, Cointreau, cherry, or apricot. The super-thin ones are also used as “Swedish pancakes,” which are accompanied by a cup of lingonberry sauce. Savory potato pancakes have a rugged spuddy texture; they are available with apple sauce and/or sour cream and, of course, a breakfast meat of choice. The top-of-the-line item on the breakfast menu is the German apple pancake, a plate-sized behemoth that is filled with spiced cooked apples and takes a full 25 minutes to prepare.

At lunch, Millie’s offers hamburgers and sandwiches and salads that you can have topped with the house specialty, Dutch Dressing, an intriguing creamy sweet-and-sour concoction. The beverage list includes ice cream sodas and milk shakes in all the usual flavors plus blueberry.

What To Eat

potato pancakes

French pancakes

buttermilk pancakes

Swedish Pancakes

German Apple Pancake


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John Cobb

January 22nd, 2013

As a Tucson local and college student, I am very familiar with the great breakfast scene. Most restaurants are cheap and filling, and you leave feeling good about yourself. Not so Millie’s.

The breakfast restaurant norm dictates that when one orders pancakes, they should be fairly big or, at least, thick. That’s not the case at Millie’s. They provide small, wafer-thin pancakes that deserve to be called crepes. Furthermore, the prices are fairly high for a short stack. Millie’s also fails to provide the option of a breakfast meat with their meals. No fear–if you really just have to have some, they will charge you an inflated dollar per strip of bacon or sausage.

Walking in, I had high expectations for a hearty breakfast. Walking out, my stomach and my wallet both felt empty. The food was flavorful but just not good enough for me to justify spending that much on breakfast.


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