Lake Effect Artisan Ice Cream | Buffalo, NY

Review by: Michael Stern

Not Your Ordinary Ice Cream Parlor

Lake Effect Artisan Ice Cream tastes great. Why do I say that? Because it’s all too easy to spin your head over the exotic flavors. Who ever heard of mascarpone peach, black sesame, or whiskey brown sugar ice cream? The wall-mounted menu presents a dizzying novelty of choices. Also, ingredients are locally sourced. Such qualities earn high marks. But the bottom line is that this ice cream delivers magnificent flavor. Simple vanilla, for example. Well, “simple” does not quite describe it. It is made with vanilla from the Blue Mountains of Southern India. No-frills chocolate uses a proprietary cocoa blend. Neither flavor tries too hard. But each sets a benchmark of excellence.

The Taste of Buffalo, New York

Lake Effect describes itself as “Western New York’s premier small batch artisan ice cream company.” Indeed, many available flavors taste like Buffalo. Foodies know this city for its panoply of unique foods. Loganberry reflects Buffalonians’ passion for the slightly tart fruit juice that pairs so well with hot dogs. Paula’s Red Velvet and Paula’s Glazed Donut flavors pay homage to Paula’s Donuts, a beloved local bakery. Frozen hot chocolate reminds you of Buffalo’s extraordinary chocolatiers. Sponge candy ice cream delivers the unique taste of the city’s signature candy.

Doll It Up

Top your sundae with all sorts of unexpected toppings. Beyond nuts and sprinkles, chocolate-covered potato chips, biscotti, truffles, fry cakes, cookies, and crisps from local bakeries vie for attention. Looking for an unusual ice cream cake? You will not mistake Lake Effect’s cakes for Carvel’s. For example, Strawberry Cheesecake Crumble features cheesecake ice cream, strawberry puree, and vanilla ice cream. Shortbread crumble from Chrusciki Bakery covers its sides.  Fresh strawberries bedeck the top.

Two Locations

The original location of Lake Effect Artisan Ice Cream is 79 Canal St. in Lockport. (716-201-1643).



What To Eat

Ice Cream

Sponge Candy Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream


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