Two Cracked Eggs | A Savannah Breakfast Best

Review by: Michael Stern

Flavorful and Fun

Perched above the riverfront, Two Cracked Eggs stands out as a Savannah breakfast best. It serves the morning meal all day (from 7am to 3pm closing). Customers praise it for large portions and high quality. Much of what comes from this kitchen delivers not only good flavor, but plenty of fun.

Both service and decor sport an upbeat rustic attitude. The waitstaff delivers meals on cast iron trays and in little skillets. You can order bacon hanging on the clothesline where it was cooked. Tables are made of rough-hewn wood. Country-girl waitresses find time to chat you up, even when they’re busy.

Beautiful Bacon

About that clothesline bacon: One order costs well over $10 and you get just three slices. But oh, what slices! Each resembles a cured pork steak, plenty thick and streaked with equal measures of fat and lean. You can pick it up and gnaw like you would a regular strip of bacon. But I recommend a knife and fork. This super-succulent, salty, smoke-infused meat demands serious table tools.

Cat Head Biscuits and House-Made Jam

Most meals come with a biscuit. A crisp edge distinguishes the monumental cat head. Spread it with house-made “Traffic Jam,” a mix of blackberries, red raspberries, and strawberries. (Waitress Samantha was quick to correct me when I referred to it as jelly, saying that she knows it’s jam because she watches it made from real fruit.)

The menu seeks to entertain diners. Consider such items as white trash hash (spuds, onions, peppers, and sausage gravy), peach French toast dotted with sugared pecans, and shrimp Benedict. Of course you will find a full roster of eggs, crepes, waffles, and breakfast sandwiches. Most meals come with stone-ground grits in a cute little iron skillet. The grits are mild-tempered, just barely buttery. They don’t star, but they serve as a worthy companion to meaty meals. By the way, Two Cracked Eggs does serve lunch, too: sandwiches, wraps, and salads. Some day, if ever breakfast does not seem like a good idea (hah!), maybe I’ll try a Philly cheese steak or an avocado club.

Strong Cuban Coffee

Note to coffee hounds: In addition to regular coffee, espresso, cappuccino, etc., Two Cracked Eggs offers nitrogen-infused Cuban coffee. Lots of sugar tempers a small cup of extremely potent java.

The restaurant’s cramped quarters can be daunting. Its reputation as a Savannah breakfast best means that you likely will wait for a table, especially on a nice weekend morning. They operate a second cafe at 301 West River St. (912-231-3604). Roadfood favorite Clary’s Cafe provides an excellent breakfast alternative in Savannah.

What To Eat



Peach French Toast

Corned Beef Hash


Cuban Coffee

Traffic Jam


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