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Review by: Michael Stern

How Do You Judge A Diner?

Some eaters measure a diner by its home fries. If that’s the case, The Coffee Pot ranks high. Its crusty-creamy home fries are diner cooking par excellence.

“Best Breakfast” Award

In fact, The Coffee Pot itself deserves honors as an urban diner pioneer. It has served breakfast and lunch to Barbertonians since 1923. Readers of the Barberton Herald regularly select it for a “best breakfast” award.

Why Barbertonians Love The Coffee Pot

You won’t find anything unusual on the menu, which is one reason its cadre of regular customers like it. They know they can count on country-fried steak tender enough to cut with the edge of a fork. They know the kitchen won’t skimp on the amount of corned beef hash stuffed into an omelet.

The cooks make eggs exactly how you order them. But if they miss, they’ll do it again, no problem. Buttered wafer steak is tender and flavorful in its cheap-meat way (think minute-steak or Philly cheese steak). At breakfast, onions, mushrooms, and eggs accompany it. Or it serves as the featured ingredient in an omelet smothered with cheese sauce. Later in the day, you can have a wafer steak sandwich.

At lunch, when you order a hot roast beef sandwich, it shares its plate with real mashed potatoes. Dark brown gravy smothers everything.

The Hamburger’s Multiple Personalities

Burgers come in many incarnations: as singles and doubles and as a “football burger” with grilled ham and Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise. Or have a “Roman burger,” which is chopped sirloin with onion rings and melted Provolone.

Precious Seats

When it originally opened, The Coffee Pot was little little more than a grill and counter. Since then, booths have been added. But the front room remains a tight squeeze. A relatively new back room offers extra seating. When mobs of weekenders come to have breakfast (as they inevitably do), that’s a good thing.

But really, Coffee Pot counter seats are where you want to be. Here you have a view of short-order cooks deftly preparing and plating meals. Palaver among customers and staff never stops. And the aroma of crusty-creamy home fries that wafts from the timeworn grill adds the irresistible perfume of genuine diner cooking to every meal.

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