Mariscos Chihuahua

Review by: Michael Stern

Seafood is the specialty here: oysters raw or cooked, fish grilled or fried, stews, and soups; and shrimp is the star. The menu lists a dozen ways with shrimp, including cool cocktails and “drowned raw,” meaning ceviche-style, i.e. cooked by immersion in a lime marinade to breaded and fried.

What to eat at Mariscos Chihuahua in Tucson, AZ

We stuck to the basics and got an order of cooked shrimp in garlic sauce and an order of shrimp endiablados, which means extremely hot. If it isn’t hot enough, each table is set with about a half-dozen bottles of salsa of various kinds to make it explosive. The shrimp are presented in a most appetizing way, strewn across a field of crisp French fries on a broad fish-shaped plate that also holds a mound of rice, a green salad, and a warm tortilla wrapped in foil. They are medium-size shrimp, firm and moist and delicious, and there are LOTS of them on the plate, maybe two dozen per order. They are served with the hard tail still on, providing a nice handle for picking them up and nabbing one good mouthful.

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What To Eat

Camaron Albanil

Camarones Rellenos

Chips and Salsa


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Tom Lewis

October 7th, 2011

As you walk towards the door of the restaurant, you immediately get the sweet smell of cooking shrimp. Chips, crackers, limes, and salsa are provided when you sit down. The restaurant is very clean and the staff welcoming and attentive. The menu conveys that this is a serious place for seafood: ceviche, oysters, shrimp, octopus, fish, various seafood cocktails, and seafood stews.

I ordered camarones rellenos (shrimp stuffed with a creamy white cheese, wrapped in bacon, and then fried). The entree came with rice, salad, and French fries, and I ordered a horchata to drink. The eight shrimp were cooked perfectly and needed just a squirt of fresh lime juice to really set them off. I would have liked the salad a little more if it had ripe instead of pink tomatoes. The serving size left me with no room for dessert.

There were several families sharing large platters of raw oysters, seafood platters, and servings of ceviche. The restaurant is a must do when you crave serious seafood during your visit to Tucson.


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