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Our team of writers and contributors is the driving force behind Roadfood. They have hit as many of the restaurants as they can to searching for the best roadside food in America so you don't have to!

Our contributors

Here you will find the creative and culinary minds that have made Roadfood what it is today.  Many  of our contributors have expanded their bellies in more restaurants than they could count, and compiled the best of the best to populate the website you see now.  Check out their profiles below.

Why should I trust this website?

Roadfood is a reliable place you can count on to give you insight into where to eat next.  Take your next road trip and rely on this team to guide you to your next food destination.  Roadfood restaurants are rarely fancy, never a big chain, and run by locals who bring you the best food in town.  Many of these restaurants are right off the highway, or better known as the Super Slab.  But they are also found off the beaten path and take you to places you could never find on your own.  

How it started and how it is going

Roadfood began as a two person team with Jane and Michael Stern.  They paved the way for the influencers we now know as foodies.  The two of them drove from state to state until their car broke down, stopping at restaurants along the way and always finding a new adventure.  Now, we have a team of contributors all across the country eating their way towards the same goal; to find the best roadside food in America! Start your next Roadfood Adventure today.

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