Marlene Steinberg

Marlene Steinberg

Los Angeles, CA

I’ve always loved food. My father and my grandparents came from Eastern Europe so a lot of the foods I ate were different from what the other kids were eating. Remembering back I traded some of my lunches with kids from other countries. Loved trying new things! My grandfather worked in hotel restaurants in Chicago back in the 20s and when they eventually moved to the Los Angeles area they owned a small deli-market. We didn’t just eat food, I guess we lived it.


Porto’s Bakery and Cafe

Porto’s is a bakery, a cafe and a California institution, known for fried filled potato balls and guava cheese pastries … and so much more. Continue reading Porto’s Bakery and Cafe | Roadfood Restaurants

Shaky Alibi

Los Angeles’ Shaky Alibi is all about the best imaginable Liège Belgian waffles, both sweet and savory. On the side: best-in-the-city coffee. Continue reading Shaky Alibi | Roadfood Restaurants

Johnnie’s Pastrami Restaurant

The menu is varied, but Johnnie’s pastrami is the star. Boiled, steamed, then sliced and stuffed into a soft French roll, it’s unlike pastrami anywhere else! Continue reading Johnnie’s Pastrami Restaurant | Roadfood Restaurants

Tangaroa Restaurant

Finally, an excellent seafood restaurant and market near Marina del Rey, California. The theme is New Zealand; fresh oysters galore and superior ceviche star. Continue reading Tangaroa Restaurant | Roadfood Restaurants


The taste of Latin-Fused Caribbean fare defines Bamboo, a comfortable West Los Angeles restaurant with real bamboo bar serving great mojitos. Continue reading Bamboo | Roadfood Restaurants

Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery

Bay Cities Deli & Bakery is Home of the “Godmother,” a hot & spicy Italian sub sandwich; also groceries and take-home meals. Dessert: sfogliatelle or torrone. Continue reading Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery | Roadfood Restaurants

Cafe Brasil

Just as colorful inside as it is on the outside, Cafe Brasil in West LA offers all-day breakfast, sandwiches, pastas, grilled meats, and traditional Feijoada. Continue reading Cafe Brasil | Roadfood Restaurants

Tracks Restaurant

Tracks is a diner with some of the best chicken fried steak in Texas: perfectly seasoned meat coated in crispy batter and topped with country gravy. Continue reading Tracks Restaurant | Roadfood Restaurants

Jeanette’s Edelweiss

Jeanette’s Edelweiss transports you to a German Bierhaus. Menu options range from schnitzel and spatzle to pretzels, sausages, and apple strudel. Continue reading Jeanette’s Edelweiss | Roadfood Restaurants


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