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Streaming now on our very own channel!  You can buy Season 1, or you can buy each episode individually.  The first three episodes will be released Monday February 14th and then one episode per week will be released every Monday after that.  Thirteen episodes in all!



Subscribe to PBS Passport. to stream Roadfood episodes on demand! It’s only $5 per month to join the road trip with us — and you’ll get access to all the other PBS passport shows, too. New episodes drop every week throughout our season!


Roadfood is available free to watch on PBS! Check your local listings to watch Roadfood on your local PBS station! Every station has its own schedule, so check frequently to make sure you don’t miss a single episode. If your station isn’t carrying Roadfood, please reach out and ask for it. Spread the word and the love!


Roadfood is now available to stream in the US and Canada on Amazon PBS Living Channel & Apple TV. Subscribe now to the channel for just $2.99/month (after a free 7-day trial) to discover America, one dish at a time with Misha Collins… and you’ll get all the other PBS Living content when you subscribe, too. The first episodes are available now, and a new episode will drop every week!

Discovering America one dish at a time with our host Misha Collins

Join Misha Collins on a unique American road trip as he discovers great food and engaging stories.

A bit about our show

Roadfood: Discovering America One Dish at a Time is a new PBS TV show that aims to re-discover America’s regional culture through its iconic dishes. Our host, Misha Collins, will hit the highways and byways of America, exploring a uniquely American dish in each episode. Meeting local cooks, pit-masters, bakers, cafe owners, and proprietors of local eating establishments, Misha will explore the roots of a dish through these modern culinary folk artisans.


What to expect

On each of our 13 episodes, he will meet with locals to learn about their community, history, and values. Along the way, the viewer will experience Misha’s infectious curiosity and natural ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. He fosters fascinating conversations that build appreciation in each location. Finally he offers an invitation for the viewer to hit the road and connect as well. Tune-in for some unexpected adventures, colorful encounters, engaged conversations, and lots of great food.

Misha and Chef in Houston Texas | Roadfood TV

Liven up your next road trip with our Roadfood Spotify playlist:

We asked the cast and crew to give us the songs that make the road trip worth the drive.  Check out our Spotify playlist for your next trip!  Are we missing anything on this list?  Give us a shout out and let us know on Twitter or Instagram what songs we need to add!

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