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Behind the scenes with Misha Collins | Brownsville TX: Episode 5

Brownsville, TX

This border town, serves up some serious tacos and we did not miss one of them.  In this behind the scenes video we have different restaurants such as Otro Rollo, Pikachu Tacos and La Vequita serving up some of the tastiest taco treats.  We ventured up at the border wall in Brownsville to see the massive scale of this huge wall.   Furthermore, we met families that had just entered the United States and were on their way to meet up with family.  Their sweet girls interacted with Misha and the Roadfood team and explained the extent of their travels.

One of the heroes of this episode is Andrea Rudnik who helps to run Team Brownsville.  This organization helps people who have just crossed the border get their basic needs met.  They give them clothes, food and water they so desperately need.  These families truly come with nothing but what they can carry and this organization manages to help them in those first few moments have some relief.  They know that someone is there to help care for them and their children.

At the end of the video you can see Pablo and Misha clowning around in the kitchen.  Misha attempts to feed Pablo his own taco and unfortunately a taco is lost in the transaction!  We hope you like this short but sweet video.


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2 Responses to “Behind the scenes with Misha Collins | Brownsville TX”

Alicia Gutierrez

October 8th, 2022

Love this show! Love how Misha engages the people in each location and is willing to try anything. Even the eye of a cow.


Angelic Beebe

February 4th, 2022

Love the wholesomeness of the show. Misha is such a great person. Ready to see were he ends up next.



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