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Roadfood with Misha Collins | Little Dominican Republic: Episode 2 | Tres Golpes

Take a walk through Little Dominican Republic

In this episode Misha travels through the neighborhood of Little Dominican Republic in New York City, NY.  He meets  Juan Rosa, a community activist and resident of the neighborhood to taste Tres Golpes or the “three hits”.  This dish consists of cheese, fried egg, salami and mashed plantains.  Juan says that this dish, “ gets you out to do your thing”.

Nicolas Avenue

As they explore, Juan and Misha travel down Nicolas Avenue.  This avenue is the main commercial artery of the neighborhood.  The neighborhood has many restaurants, vendors and barbershops. Misha tastes Habichuelas con Dulce from a street vendor that is in operation for the past 30 years.  People line up down the block to eat this sweet dish.

Meeting up with Chef Kelvin

Next, Misha meets up with Kelvin Fernandez, or Chef Kelvin and they  taste Chicharrón, which is brined, marinated and cooked to perfection.  Serve it with fried plantains and a very cold beer!  

Kelvin introduces Misha to the dynamic Susana Osorio, who owns many restaurants in the Little Dominican Republic, such as Mamasushi.  This restaurant makes Sushi different because of the unique ingredients they use.  Susana explains her experience with her many employees.  She faced challenges and difficulties being a restaurant owner during the pandemic.


Dishes in this episode

Featured Restaurants and People



Recipes in this Episode

Camarones Al Horno Recipe | Little Dominican Republic, NYC


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5 Responses to “Roadfood with Misha Collins | Little Dominican Republic”

Charles castillo

May 29th, 2022

This episode was the first Road Food II have had the pleasure of watching. Collins did a fantastic job and he jumped in with both feet. The community embraced Misha in a genuine way, in great part because he came with openness and respect. I am not Dominican. I am from New Mexico. But this episode brought tears to my eyes and gave me hope for our country. Our diversity is America’s super power when we embrace it. It is clear Misha will always be “familia” when it comes to the Heights. This show brought down walls and replaced them with bridges



May 25th, 2022

Misha said “Little Dominica” several times, and “Big Dominica” once. Dominica and Dominican Republica are 2 different countries. Why did the producers not correct him the first time he said it? If I was Dominican I would be annoyed that he didn’t take the time to learn the correct name.



January 22nd, 2022

This episode was awesome! It brought me back to the nationaliy diverse community I grew up in. It perfectly portrayed the Dominican people. Great job all around:; the interviews, the camera work and the hair cut. Thank you!


Tessa walker

January 22nd, 2022

I have only seen two episodes and I all ready love this show. Thank you so much to Misha and everyone that got this back up and running.



January 21st, 2022

I love this show. Other than misha looking amazing as usual and somehow looking so fine eating. Its well made well shot on camera. And overall a good foodshow thank you for making my day brighter just by teaching me more about how food is such a big thing in life. <3



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