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Deep Dive with Misha Collins | Houston, TX: Lê Hoàng Nguyên

An activist in Houston

Join us to see these mini clips that we cut together to give viewers the experience of being part of a deeper conversation.  In this clip you will see Misha Collins and Lê Hoàng Nguyên, an insurance agent and baseball fanatic, discuss his experience of being an activist in his community.  In 2020 when George Floyd died, the activist could not stop crying.  The world did not make sense to him anymore, but he had an idea of how he might be able to spread the word about hate, and battling it with action.  He bought a prominent billboard in Little Saigon, a community within Houston, TX.  This area is known for its authentic Vietnamese foods, goods and services.

The reaction

Lê-Hoàng-Nguyên decided that he would put up a “Black Lives Matter” billboard to show his support of the movement in 2020.  He was proud of what he had done, but the reaction from many members within his community was anger towards him.  Hate mail came as did angry messages on Facebook.  Although shocked by the reaction, he decided to stay strong in his resolve and keep the billboard up.

The billboard now:

Now the billboard is still up and spreading messages to the community.  Lê-Hoàng-Nguyên recently put up a billboard that states, “Stop Asian Hate”.




What do you think of Deep Dive with Misha Collins | Houston, TX?

12 Responses to “Deep Dive with Misha Collins | Houston, TX”

Eric Holbrook

February 1st, 2022

Was really cool to see this – obviously I knew there was a war in Vietnam because it was mentioned in movies and all that, but I don’t really know much about it all. They didn’t really teach anything about it here in the UK. Makes me want to learn more about different people.

I learned about Buddhism while studying Japanese and went to several temples while I was studying in Japan. I didn’t know Misha was a Buddhist.


Laurie Lawhorn

January 27th, 2022

It is wonderful to see someone take stock of themselves in light of current events and find it within themselves, the ability to grow and change.
I wish more people were like him
As a Buddhist myself, I thank you for the reminder of being kind and to live meaningfully. Cheers!



January 21st, 2022

Absolution love Misha!!! Love him even more after seeing this!!



January 17th, 2022

Thank you for including an extended version of the conversation here. This was one part of the first episode that really showed the type of show that Roadfood was going to strive to be and made me excited to watch the rest of the season.



January 8th, 2022

This was my first episode and I had to tell you that this show is amazing. My half brother is Vietnamese, and he and his Mother came to the US in the late 70’s. Theirs is an amazing culture and the traditional food is unique, and it certainly lends itself to fusion and local color. We live in Southeastern Virginia. Thank You. Most Americans still don’t know how much Vietnamese refugees have adapted and thrived in our democracy <3



December 21st, 2021

I love the part about him realizing black civil rights activists were fighting for him in the 70s and realized the shift of need and started fighting for BLM. I loved it in the episode and so much more now. These are conversations people need to hear. This show is so raw and refreshing! I feel like people are less scary watching Misha venture out of his comfort zone with just a camera and an appetite. This show proves compassion and empathy need no script.



December 21st, 2021

Illuminating. Spectacular. Inspiring. Hopeful that people can awaken, change, make a difference in society and their own lives. This show should be called ‘Roadfood Plus’ because it’s so much more than about food.



December 21st, 2021

This series is lovely, and this deep dive clip is why. I really hope to see more of this in each episode, with a “side” of roadfood as a through line and entrance point to this deeper material. It’s what will separate you from the pack of geographic food shows, while also driving home the importance of food in these areas by highlighting what is going on there. I hope to see more of these conversations being had over shared meals/food because that’s what makes this so special and will set it apart.



December 21st, 2021

This series is so interesting. I wish the longer interviews were part of the normal episode and I didn’t need to hunt for them. This is so different from a normal food show and I love the empathy and sharing aspects of human nature being showcased. In the current climate of greed and animosity, this is a welcome ray of sunshine. Thank you.



December 20th, 2021

I feel like this is truly what the show is about. Sure, it’s about the amazing variety of food in America, but it’s also about the amazing variety of people as well. It’s about celebrating our differences both culinary and cultural. I think this content is vital to the show’s intent and I hope we see more of it.



December 20th, 2021

I think it’s great to have access to this sort of content. It brings so much more meaning to the show. Please share more, if possible.



December 19th, 2021

I love it! One of the reasons why I love this show is because of deep conversation like this. It’s very much on theme, food brings you closer to the community and the story that their told ❤



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