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Deep Dive with Misha Collins | Rhode Island: Jason Sawyer

A longer cut of the conversation

Take a pause to watch this deep dive conversation with Misha Collins and Jason Sawyer.  He is a scallop fisherman and Captain of the Cody, a beautiful fishing boat off the shores of Rhode Island.  The two men discuss the ins and out of balancing life and family with a business.  This can take them away from home for long stretches of time, and how that can effect everyone involved.

Away from family

Being a fisherman for so long, Jason Sawyer explains how the long weeks away from home are a challenge.  Now that he is his own Captain, he has involved many people within his family into the business.  Alternately, he finds that being able to create his own schedule gives him more flexibility to spend time with his loved ones when they need him.

Showing him the ropes

In this longer version we get to see the inside of the boat, the creature comforts that the fishermen have, and some of the gear that goes with the job.  In a sweet moment, Jason shows Misha how to repair a fishing net that has come undone, and Misha gets to see how time consuming and challenging this job can be.

Rhode Island Eats:

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8 Responses to “Deep Dive with Misha Collins | Rhode Island”


February 11th, 2022

I enjoy the “deep dives” so much! I could listen to every person Misha has talked with for hours. Is really interesting.



February 6th, 2022

I love the “Deep Dives”! More of Misha’s conversations with people, please! Learned so much from this and the Houston episode. There are people on every episode I’d love to know more about. I’d also love to see the episodes go to an hour long.



January 28th, 2022

Love seeing these great conversations with types of people in the world that society doesn’t usually give a second thought about, or if they do it’s just a stereotype. Love how it all comes down to doing what’s right for your family.



January 28th, 2022

that was super interesting, thank you!


Dee Jones

January 28th, 2022

This Deep Dive was awesome 🙂 I just love watching these stories and I feel like I know Misha a little more with each episode which is wonderful!:) I bet it is hard to be away so much… that part would be hard 🙁



January 27th, 2022

Extremely interesting. Had not considered most of what I learned. Thank you.



January 27th, 2022

I’m about to head out but so excited to watch this later! Misha has a great way of making people feel relaxed enough to openly talk with him. Looking forward to learning about others through these clips.


Laurie Lawhorn

January 27th, 2022

I absolutely loved to hear how the fishermen live and whats important to them -the same as everyone. For family.



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