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The most historic ride on Route 66

Join us in this episode on Route 66 and take a drive.  This is the way to get somewhere when you want to slow down your trip and you are about the journey, not the destination.  Here in Oklahoma, we eat the Fried Onion Burger, which is made a couple of different ways in the diners that dot Route 66.  Misha Collins and the great Michael Stern hit the road and Michael shows Misha how to be a professional eater.

A little Roadfood history

They start their trip off right with a double onion burger and onion rings at Johnnie’s Grill.  Michael gives Misha the background story of how he and Jane started their Roadfood adventure.  At the time, the two had no background in writing.  They were curious about food and wanted to understand where the best places to eat were. 

The original Smash Burger

Next they stop at Sid’s, which is a restaurant that Michael has been to many times before.  He and Jane wrote a story about this diner for Gourmet Magazine.  He shares his knowledge of this rare gem with Misha.  The mayor of El Reno, Matt White also joins them.  He gives them a true tutorial on how Sid’s diner and the restaurants around them created the very first smash burger years ago.  They make it with 100% ground beef, and cook it on a grill.  They chop the onions thin and smash the meat down with a heavy spatula.  Traditionally, it is served with yellow mustard and a couple of pickles on top.  

Heroes in Oklahoma

Misha takes a detour to talk to Jonathan Veal, the manager of The Market at Eastpoint.  This market was created to help the issue of food insecurity in the area.  Chris Bernard, the executive director of Hunger Free Oklahoma explains the details of what the people in this area are facing in terms of food scarcity.  Oklahoma has one of the largest issues with hunger in the country.  This market is a place for people to find fresh produce and whole foods for their families.   

Don’t drop the burger!

Finally, Misha and Michael head over to Nic’s and hear how the Fried Onion Burger is made by the owner Justin Nicolas.  He does not subscribe to the smash burger technique, but rather creates a café style burger.  Do not put that burger down!  Once you start eating it, don’t stop.

Ride off into the sunset

In the final moments of this episode, Misha and Michael head over to ride a couple of horses off into the sunset and talk about the legacy that Michael hopes he leaves.  His hope is that he inspires young people to hit the road and explore, because that is the great thing about America- there is always an open road to drive and a diner to stop at.

Dishes in this episode

Featured Restaurants and People

Double onion-fried burger on a plate with pickles
Johnnie’s Grill


Close view of onion-fried burger ... burgers & coney islands


6 burgers sizzle on a grill ... Oklahoma's juiciest onion burger
Nic’s Grill



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2 Responses to “Roadfood with Misha Collins | Oklahoma”

Carolyn hall

March 12th, 2022

Makes us proud to be from Oklahoma



February 26th, 2022

This was truly an educational and fun episode, and extremely good in contextualization. We live in Oklahoma and we’re unaware of the food desert crises. How important it is for Misha to not only talk about the richness of the culture of food enjoyment, but also how not everyone is able to share in this rich culture. We have additional recommendations should Misha be interested in visiting oklahoma, especially along historic Greenwood avenue in Tulsa or some of the small towns that are populated by diverse cultures, not only black, but also first Nation and Asian districts.. Thank you!



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