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Roadfood with Misha Collins | Barberton, OH: Episode 6: Barberton Fried Chicken

Small town, lots of chicken:

In Barberton, OH, this small town of 25,00 people in the Northeast section of Ohio, Misha heads out to eat as much fried chicken as possible..

In the beginning of the episode he meets David Yankovich, a friend of Misha’s who lives in this town.  Additionally, he is a senior political advisor.  They meet up at the Coffee Pot, a Barberton staple, for a hearty breakfast.  They talk politics and discuss the shift from Blue Democrats to Red in this town in particular. 

The Magic City:

Barberton is known as the fried Chicken capital of the world.  Once called “the magic city”, it was filled with union jobs and had a thriving community economically for a long time.  The change is palpable to the residents because they see the lost jobs, and empty warehouses, but are incredibly proud of their town.  

The question that no one will answer:

Next up Misha passes through a farmer’s market and meets many people who grow and sell their produce.  He runs into the  mayor, who describes the character of Barberton as a “hardworking, blue-collar city with resilient people”. The one question that he would not answer that Misha asks is, “What is your favorite chicken place?”  This is a loaded question in Barberton.

Belgrade Gardens, which is the first restaurant to serve Serbian Fried chicken, or otherwise known as Barberton Chicken.  Milos Papich, the owner of this establishment gives him a tour behind the scenes.  It is served with a side of hot rice, which is a traditional recipe made with tomatoes and onions passed down through generations.  

Polka anyone?

The crew then ventures to the Slovene Club where he crashes a polka dancing community gathering and learns the bouncy dance.  Gene Kovack, the host of “Polka Time Again” gets in on the action.  They discuss this show, which is the longest running polka dance television show in history.  There is a live accordion band and some lively dancers all around!

A wrestler and a race:

This episode does not slow down!  Next Misha meets up at Hopocan Gardens & White House Chicken with Steve Brookens or better known as, “The Green hornet”.  He is a former Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, who is also the announcer at the car races in town at Barberton Speedway.  Brian Canale, the owner of this restaurant sits down with Misha to give their chicken a try, which is again, juicy and crunchy in all the right places.

This episode has it all!  Car races, polka dancing, motorcycle riding, political discussions and of course, an extra serving of very hot and yummy fried chicken.


Dishes in this episode

Featured Restaurants and People

Whitehouse Chicken | Unique Fried Chicken of Barberton Ohio


Chicken breast enclosed in a red-brown envelope of crust.
Belgrade Gardens


Recipes in this Episode

Barberton Chicken Recipe | Fried Chicken | Barberton, OH


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8 Responses to “Roadfood with Misha Collins | Barberton, OH”

Martha Lee

October 23rd, 2022

Born and raised in Kenmore, a neighborhood south of Akron and spent considerable time in Barberton. I still walk around Lake Ann when visiting and went to many summer street dances by the lake. Also watched the Fourth of July fireworks there. Even went swimming a few times by the stone shelter building. I went to all the fried chicken restaurants and liked the hot tomato rice side dish.



June 16th, 2022

This was a horrible, unbalanced view of the city. There are really nice neighborhoods on the east and west sides of the city. Why did you not show them? What about Lake Anna, located in the heart of the downtown area and the free community concerts held there during the summer? Not to mention the Mum Fest that is held around the lake in September. What about the beautiful new school buildings? How about the Tow Path trails that can be travelled all the way to Cleveland? What a shame that you chose to focus only on the negatives and ignore everything good about our city.


Jay Bee

May 11th, 2022

I just happened to catch this show in the middle of the night. I woke up to The Green Hornet guy and The Polka Guy on PBS and WOW what a blast from the past! The Serbian fried chicken looks awesome! So, with that said…ROAD TRIP to Barberton, Ohio!!!


Tim Keeler

February 17th, 2022

He has a nice easy style that draws people out. Very easy to watch and informative.



February 12th, 2022

We enjoyed the trip down memory lane. We had our wedding rehearsal at Whitehouse in 1966! Often would have lunch after church at any one of them. Usually there was a line out the door waiting to be seated.

For a small town there is some fun things to do and eat!!! Love the boat show on Lake Anna during the Mum Festival!



February 5th, 2022

This was a great episode. I expected the standard foodie coverage but was so happy that you also took the time to get to know some people and find out their thinking on their change from Democrat to Trump follower, something I didn’t understand. I loved the coverage of some local sights and activities.


William Berger

February 1st, 2022

Lived next to Barberton but haven’t been there in 60 years. The show brought back many memories & my mouth watered when you went to Belgrade Gardens. Was surprised you didn’t mention O.C. Barber where the town got its name or Yoder Brothers the largest producer of of mums in the world.


Barbara hicks

January 29th, 2022

I absolutely love this show. Very interesting and educational. Misha brings it altogether for what makes a wonderful, delightful entertaining show the whole family can enjoy. Thanks Misha Collins love the new show 🥰🍗 and chicken



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