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Behind the scenes with Misha Collins | Rhode Island: Episode 3

Small state with a powerful punch:

Do not underestimate the small state of Rhode Island!  This state has it all- beaches, vibrant cities, beautiful scenery, and of course, most importantly, FOOD!  While visiting, Misha tasted all kinds of seafood and interesting dishes, but Calamari was the top on our list and it did not disappoint.  The textures, the flavors, the dips and sauces all came together for a delightful Calamari dish and we ate a lot of it.

In this behind the scenes video, we hope you enjoy all of the photos we took along the way.

Restaurants to visit:

These two restaurants did not disappoint with their flavorful Calamari dishes.  Although different styles, one thing they both had in common was their attention to the dish of the state.  You cannot go wrong with visiting these two places, pulling up a chair and giving all of their food a try!

O’Rourke’s Bar & Grill | Rhode Island Flavor

Iggy’s Doughboys And Chowder House | Rhode Island Eats

More RI reviews from Roadfood:

If you are looking for more restaurants in the area, feel free to check out more reviews.  The focus of these restaurants might not be seafood.  But they do know how to make Jonnycakes and Hot Dogs like you would not believe.

J.P. Spoonem’s | Rhode Island Cornmeal Jonnycakes

Wein-O-Rama | Rhode Island’s Unique Weenie


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9 Responses to “Behind the scenes with Misha Collins | Rhode Island”


April 9th, 2022

in 2000 my friend and i did rout 66 in a zoom car and filmed it with t tops out


Kim R

January 25th, 2022

Ha, I think Misha is learning about quahogs at 0:58. Wish I’d known he was in my back yard; i hope he enjoyed his visit!


Carrie A

January 24th, 2022

I can never get enough Misha, so getting to peek behind seens in this new adventure is exhilarating, thanx so much for assisting in the nourishment of our minds and bodies! So looking forward to more! Yumm



January 23rd, 2022

Hilarious episode with Misha’s mom – the tomato cake situation was a gas.



January 17th, 2022

I just caught up to this episode on WGBH, and I have to say the tomato upsidedown cake gave me a good laugh–until I searched the web afterward and found out it actually exists! Hmm, maybe a new recipe to try this coming summer…? Nice to see the show hop into New England.


Debbie Kendall

January 6th, 2022

I always love to see behind the scenes of programs or movies so I enjoy this .Thank you for the showing



January 4th, 2022

Love the scene with Misha’s mom. Wish I could get the episodes on RMPBS but the outtakes are appreciated!!



January 4th, 2022

Such a heart warming scene, seeing him with his mom! I really wish we could get the series on RMPBS, but do appreciate these outtakes!!



January 4th, 2022

I always love behind the scenes content. Misha is such a pleasure to watch on this show!!! I absolutely love it!! 😀❤



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