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Roadfood with Misha Collins | Episode Teaser |Brownsville TX: Tacos

Tacos Galore

In this episode teaser Misha Collins let’s you into the overview of the episode we shot in Brownsville, TX.  We tasted SO MANY TACOS!!!!  Truly, the taco intake of Misha and our crew truly knew no bounds, and we enjoyed every single on of them.  From Carnitas to Chicken to Fish, we tried it all and it was truly a delicious experience.

Brownsville, TX

In this episode we are tasting almost every taco Brownsville, TX has to offer.  This small city is 4-5 hours from Austin, San Antonio and Houston, and has recently been making headlines.  Brownsville is near the headquarters for Space X, the new corporation headed by Elon Musk.  However, we did not go for rockets and space; we went for tacos.

The taco scene in Brownsville is intense and our exploration did not disappoint.  This place is a taco haven.  He visits a tortilla factory with owner Camilo Carranca, to see how they are made.  This magical factory creates some of the most incredible tortillas that do not fall apart.

Next on the stop is La Vaquita with owner Miguel Chavez.  Here, Misha is put to work and helps to build a giant meat skewer, eats multiple types of tacos and makes a mess dropping tacos in the kitchen. 

At Vera’s Backyard BBQ Misha gets a real experience with Mando and Adila Vera, the owners of the restaurant.  He shows Misha the art of cooking a full cow’s head for traditional Barbacoa.  They wrap the cow heads in tinfoil and drop them into an extremely hot fire pit.  After that, they bury it with dirt and then take the cow heads out after a full day of cooking.

Local Heroes:

Misha talks with Andrea Rudnik, who works for Team Brownsville, a group of former educators who help the immigrant population with goods and services that they might need.  Their mission is to the be the team who “works to welcome”.  


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3 Responses to “Roadfood with Misha Collins | Episode Teaser |Brownsville TX”

Anna Alexander

January 23rd, 2022

Tasty and informative. Two thumbs up!


Linda Moody.

January 22nd, 2022

I am definitely gonna be watching Roadfood! Misha Collins os wonderful! I will be telling all my family and friends about this show. Just love Misha!


Tammy Ratcliffe

January 21st, 2022




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