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Roadfood with Misha Collins | Louisiana: Episode 10 | Gumbo

 All things Louisiana

We are checking out the Gumbo and all of your related questions will be answered!  The home of New Orleans, Mardi Gras and King cake, we dive into the great state of Louisiana to see what it is all about.

Resilience within the community

We discover the perfect person to talk to about Cajun culture, Jonathan Foret, who is the executive director of Southern Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center. They talk about Hurricane Ida and how it is one like they have never seen before.  They discuss the idea of resilience and the theme that has pulsated through Roadfood.  He explains that people are clinging to traditions that make them feel a part of a community.

Hidden Heroes

The two of them venture to meet Reagan Creppel who is the executive director of The Helio Foundation and see some areas where the hurricane truly decimated the landscape.  She explains her foundation’s role in helping people all over the area to help get them back up on their feet.  

All the good food

Abear’s Cafe is a restaurant where if you do not get Cajun food often, you should get it here. This is the place to get it.  Especially the gumbo.  They discuss Cajun culture, eat the local flavor and eat bowls of incredible gumbo.  There is a fiery conversation of whether gumbo should have tomatoes or not. The answer they come up with is that it is up to the eater.

A trip to Louisiana would not be complete without a beignet.  Misha and his tour guide and historian in New Orleans, Bernard Pierce get at the powdered treat and discuss the culture of New Orleans. He discusses his experience of losing his home in the Upper 9th Ward of New Orleans and how being around during hurricane seasons too taxing on his mental health.  He talks about how the food, culture and experiences in Louisiana cannot be replicated.

The group hits Bywater Bakery for a dish that is considered a breakfast gumbo.  In this version, they add grits and eggs to make this dish sing as a  breakfast meal. They also create their own roux with “Roadrunner”, the chef at Luizza’s.  He explains the reason behind the tomato in Gumbo vs. no tomato in Gumbo controversy.

Dishes in this episode

Featured Restaurants and People

Close view of chocolate croissant ... bread and beyond
Bywater Bakery


Pot of gumbo on the stove ... neighborhood Creole
Liuzza’s By the Track


521 B-B-Q & Grill


Recipes in this Episode

Gumbo Recipe | New Orleans, LA


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12 Responses to “Roadfood with Misha Collins | Louisiana”

Claudia Chartrand

June 24th, 2022

I love this show, such respect and heart felt interest by Misha of everyone and the food is spectacular. Thank you , great show!!!



June 3rd, 2022

I’m from New Orleans, born and raised Creole 61 years old. My parents and grand parents near put tomatoes in gumbo, and never combined okra and file in a gumbo they were always two different dishes, as well as sausage and seafood gumbo. I’m not really saying
your guy on the problem was wrong, but I don’t know where he got most of his information from but in my opinion next time talk to an old Creole.



May 22nd, 2022

Great articles!!! Any chance I can get the recipe for Abear’s gumbo??? Would love to try and make it. Thanks so much. Keep up the great work.




May 22nd, 2022

Love love love Misha. He’s very genuine and relaxing. But he gets to the reality of the place and the food. One of the best shows on PBS.


Anita Yesho

April 17th, 2022

“They also create their own Rue with “Roadrunner”, the chef at Luizza’s. ”
This sentence above should be corrected.
I haven’t been able to view the episode, but I am pretty sure y’all made a roux (a thickener made from flour and fat) with Roadrunner, not a rue (street). This is a pretty embarrassing error for a food blog.


    Branden Shortt

    April 18th, 2022

    Thank you for pointing this out- it has been changed. 🙂


    Mary Dawkins

    June 3rd, 2022

    YAY!! Finally, someone features someone from the LGBTQ+ community and even asks them “what’s it like” as a gay man in South Louisiana!! FINALLY.

    Great episode on Cajun and Creole food and the people. NO, gumbo does NOT have tomatoes. My definition of Creole people is the second (and all generations later) of non-American settlers to South Louisiana. Spanish creole, French creole, German creole, Black creole all are true creole. The difference between creole and cajun food is basically creole was city food and cajun was country. I worked as a server for the most famous Cajun chef of all time, Chef Paul Prudhomme in his French Quarter restaurant, now closed. Best creole food of all time!! I miss it every day.

    One note, yes, people are pretty blended there and do get along. DO not let it make you think South Louisiana is free of racism, bc it’s not. Tons of racism still fully alive and active in all of the state, believe me.



April 16th, 2022

Please tell me about the music, who were the artists, songs? Amazing episode!!


Crystal Bourgeois

April 2nd, 2022

Loved this episode of Roadfood with Misha..
I’m a ancestor of the great migration of the French from Nova Scotia, Canada. I am a Creole. Raised on the Bayou Tech in St Mary Parish. You should visit this parish on your RoadFood trip. Lots of Creole families, mixed of Caucasian, French and Indian. Come further south of Houma and Thibodaux down on Bayou Tech, Morgan City, Franklin, Charenton and every little town along old Highway 90, LA 182.



March 20th, 2022



Janice MunsonStewart

March 11th, 2022

Love this show


    Serguei Asnes

    April 2nd, 2022

    Dear friends,
    Thank you very much.



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