• Roadfood’s Key West

    Dayboat fish, pink shrimp, stone crab claws, and conch are just the nautical highlights of a Key West eating expedition. With Cuba 90 miles away, strong coffee and plancha-pressed sandwiches are as good as they get, as are such Havana street food favorites as fritas burgers, empanadas, and sweet plantains. Of course, there is great Key…

  • Roadfood Adventures: Winter Park to Miami, Florida

    4 STOPS | 270 MILES | 4 hr 27 min

    From Orlando and Winter Park down the east coast of Florida to Miami is a journey of never-ending adventure. Here you encounter brilliant sunshine, exotic wildlife, and bright urban energy, as well as an array of spectacular seafood, Latin-spiced specialties, and farm-fresh fruit. Must-eats include rock shrimp, El Cubanos, porky chicharones, and spectacular grilled cheese sandwiches….

  • Roadfood Adventures: Selma to Montgomery, Alabama

    3 STOPS | 51 MILES | 1 hr 5 min

    Sweet Home Alabama! … from Selma – Queen City of the Blackbelt – to Montgomery — the Heart of Dixie —  is an inspiring journey through the Deep South. Selma is all about the birth of the 20th century Civil Rights movement as well as home to some of the best BBQ in the nation. Montgomery,…

  • Roadfood Adventures: San Luis Obisbo to Ventura, California

    8 STOPS | 147 MILES | 3 hr 14 min

    Memorable food stops with meals that are California’s alone … sophisticated wineries and wine-tasting rooms: these are the pleasures of an oceanside drive through SLO CAL, named for its easy-going pace, part of California that retains Golden State allure. Much of it is still wide-open country, with a legacy of cattle ranches as well as restaurants…

  • Roadfood Adventures: Beulah to Moran Township, Michigan

    5 STOPS | 165 MILES | 3 hr 28 min

    The northern part of Michigan is known to Michiganders and Midwestern vacationers as “Up North.” It’s a natural wonderland, surrounded by Great Lakes coastline, covered with forests and farms, and dotted with convivial taverns, town cafes, and remote restaurants with ambitious chefs as well as downhome diners and old-time drive-ins. It’s cherry and apple orchard country,…

  • Roadfood Adventures: Cincinnati to Harveysburg, Ohio

    5 STOPS | 49 MILES | 1 hr 14 min

    A jewel of a city on the Ohio River, Cincinnati once was known as the Paris of America, home of diverse culture and a thriving culinary personality. Tall sandwiches, super sweets, artisan ice cream, and old-world sausages are just a few of its culinary highlights. It’s a city of distinctive architecture and art, friendly neighborhood markets…

  • Roadfood Adventures: Dallas Fort Worth to Austin, Texas

    7 STOPS | 262 MILES | 4 hr 38 min

    A road trip deep in the heart of Texas is a genuine wild west expedition and a bonanza of colorful Roadfood. Whether on dusty country roads or in the gleaming cities, it’s a destination that welcomes adventurous travelers and eager appetites. Favorite Texas meals are one-of-a-kind experiences, in places radiant with character: chili parlors, honky-tonks, backroom…

  • Roadfood Adventures: Las Vegas, Nevada to Palm Springs, California

    8 STOPS | 273 MILES | 5 hr 19 min

    Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and the desert between them are full of wonder, including the brightest of bright city lights as well as vast wilderness under a mantle of stars. Here, too, you find a colorful array of authentic local eats — a taste of California both simple and deluxe. Palm Springs offers an especially rich…

  • Roadfood Adventures: Route 66 Illinois

    2 STOPS | 1639 FEET | 6 min

    Illinois Route 66 is a highway rich with crazy attractions, unique museums, America’s heartland history, and colorful odes to the joy of exploring the country on four wheels. Food along the way is a beckoning banquet of hometown, square-meals diners and friendly taverns with personality galore. Essential eats include Cozy Dogs (the original — and best…