The 10 Best Texas Hots


Texas Hots in New York

Texas hots do not exist in Texas. Unique to New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, the curiously addictive franks were first created a century ago by wienermeister John Patrellis, who thought that the spicy, beanless beef topping he devised for hot dogs was something like Texas chili. (It is not.) Also known as Texas weiners (spelled e-i, not i-e), the wicked little franks are sometimes split and grilled and usually also topped with chopped onions and yellow mustard. Connoisseurs like them best at 3am.

New York

  • The dogs served at Don’s Original are referred to as white hots and red hots. A white hot is an all-pork tube steak topped with mustard and diced onions. A red hot is closer to a traditional hot dog, made from a firmer weenie. Red hots are classically dressed with finely ground chili.
  • Nick Tahou Hots puts an interesting spin on the classic hotdog. Their franks are served without a bun. The most popular variation is the “Garbage Plate” which is made with a pair of split, grilled red hots over a plate of baked beans, fried potatoes, cool macaroni salad, spicy chili sauce, mustard and chopped onions.
  • The first time Heid’s opened its doors was 1917, they have been selling Texas hots ever since. Mustard, baked beans and chili sauce are all made in house so expect some delicious condiments and sides to your dogs.
  • Four years younger than Heid’s, Texas Hot first opened in 1921. Since then, they have been serving excellent Texas hots, pies, burgers and fries. A standard dog comes with fine-grained mild chili, minced raw onions, and yellow mustard.
  • Able to fly under the radar, Tony’s Texas Hots has been able to maintain a loyal clientele base since first opening. We credit this to their fantastic Texas hots that come with the usual: chili, mustard and onions.
  • Tony’s Newburgh Lunch brings something special to their burgers and dogs when they add their Texas sauce. It is now bottled and shipped across the country. A classic Texas hot with Tony’s signature sauce is fantastic.
  • Chili at Hubba tastes pretty good when it is ordered by the bowl. What makes it even better, is when you load it onto a hotdog. Called a “Chili Dog” on the menu, Hubba serves a mean Texas hot.
  • Texas Chili was started by a few former employees of Hubba, the previous restaurant. The only differences we can find is that the restaurant is cleaner and the chili is hotter. No complaints from us!

New Jersey and Connecticut

  • There is no stand-out element of the Texas hots served at JK’s. When everything is mixed together, the resulting dog tastes great. You will likely find yourself ordering more than one dog while at the table.
  • Although ordering only one Texas hot at Hot Grill is allowed, we advise you to order a pair. The dogs come deep-fried and covered in mustard, onion and a spicy sweet beef-chili sauce. The root beer sold here is a great compliment to any Texas weiner.

Don’s Original

Don's Original at Sea Breeze Amusement Park is the place to taste Western New York's favorite hot dogs: red hots (aka Texas hots), white hots and chili dogs.

Must Eats
White Hot , Chili Dog

Nick Tahou Hots

Nick Tahou is a Rochester, New York legend for its "garbage plate" -- the best sort of kitchen-sink meal that will challenge the most voracious appetite.



German franks, Texas hots (red wieners), and white hots made of beef, pork and veal are stars of Heid's menu: a vintage upstate New York treasure.


Texas Hot

For nearly a century (since 1921), Texas Hot has been serving grilled hot dogs topped with fine-grained mild chili, minced raw onions, and yellow mustard.

Must Eats
Hot Dogs , French Fries, Pie, Hamburgers, Onion Rings

Tony’s Texas Hots

Tony's is an old-school Binghamton, New York storefront diner / luncheonette serving Texas hots, aka chili dogs, topped with raw onions and mustard.

Must Eats

Tony’s Newburgh Lunch

Tony's is a vintage Newburgh restaurant known for spicy Texas sauce applied to hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches and even breakfast home fries.



Chili at this Port Chester dog house dive is all-beef, no bean, hot and greasy. A natural hot dog topping. Hubba: Love it or hate it!

Must Eats

Texas Chili

Texas Chili of Port Chester, NY, serves a split & grilled hot dog topped with beefy, no-bean chili and chopped raw onions. It's greasy and it's so, so good!

Must Eats


In Danbury, Connecticut, JK's Texas hot wieners are split lengthwise, grilled crisp, and topped with mustard, onions and hot sauce with a chili-pepper kick.


Hot Grill

Hot Grill's Texas weiners are deep-fried and nestled in a too-short bun topped with mustard, onion, and spicy/sweet beef-chili sauce. A New Jersey must-eat!