7 Best Family-Friendly, Affordable Restaurants Near Disneyland


Anaheim is one of the most visited towns in the United States, but there is more to the area than just theme parks.  Great local, cheap restaurants near Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm are plentiful if you know where to look. Here are our picks for the 7 best casual restaurants near Disneyland.

Near the Park Burgers and Island Flavor

Glee Donuts and Burgers is one of the best places to experience the classic combination of donuts and sweet Vietnamese coffee as well as a soft shell crab burger. Matiki Island BBQ is one of the best authentic Hawaiian smoke-shacks on the mainland. Right at Disney’s door is OC Tasty Chicken and Banh Mi. They offer excellent Vietnamese sandwiches with organic chicken.

Orange County Tamales and Burritos

While you’re in Orange County, you should make time to experience two of America’s best ethnic food boroughs, each are only a few miles from the theme park. First, in Santa Ana, you can find some of the best Mexican in the country, for corn based plates, go to Sariñana’s Tamale Factory, if you prefer flour tortillas, check out Burritos La Palma.

Westminster Korean and Vietnamese Influence

Finally, out in Westminster there are cultural influences of Korean, Chinese, and most prominently, Vietnamese immigrants. Grab a bag of crunchy, golden Vietnamese egg rolls at Phuc Loc Food to Go. Don’t you dare leave Southern California without trying a Chinese beef roll. Peking Restaurant does them better than anyone. Note that each of these restaurants is in a strip mall. Be prepared to circle some treacherous parking lots.


Glee Donuts and Burgers

Glee Donuts and Burgers does both with gusto & with fun twists on each. You can get a simple burger, classic donut, or something utterly original.


Matiki Island BBQ

Matiki Island BBQ is good enough to make anyone start craving Hawaiian food. It features special-occasion home cooking, but it can be picked up in minutes.


Tasty Chicken & Banh Mi

Tasty Chicken & Banh Mi is just that: Combine the two for a sandwich or enjoy them on their own. Also try a potent lemongrass beef sandwich.


Sariñana’s Tamale Factory

Sariñana's, since 1939, serves old-school Mexican food that still tastes fresh and exciting today. Fine tacos, tamales, enchiladas; and fiery weekend menudo.


Burritos La Palma

Boasting some of the best flour tortillas anywhere, Burritos La Palma is regional comfort food for those that grew up eating Tex-Mex.


Phuc Loc Food to Go

Quick, simple, and inexpensive, Phuc Loc is a cherished snack shop because its specialty is an American favorite, the egg roll. Genuine Vietnamese fare, as well.


Peking Restaurant

Peking Restaurant makes excellent American style Northern Chinese food of all sorts, including its beef roll, which is a popular Chinese-Californian original.