Maggie Rosenberg & Trevor Hagstrom

Maggie Rosenberg & Trevor Hagstrom

Southern California

Maggie and Trevor are food and travel professionals, each based in Southern California. Their love for the culinary folkways of the United States has taken them coast-to-coast on many delicious adventures. Whenever they can break away, their love for noodles keeps them chipping away at exploring the vast Asian continent.


Battista’s Hole in the Wall

Battista’s is cheesy (in both senses) and charming: mid-20th century, old-Las Vegas Italian. Bring your appetite and a tip for the accordion player. Continue reading Battista’s Hole in the Wall | Roadfood Restaurants

Mike’s Famous Ham Place | Freshly Carved Ham | Detroit

Mike’s is a Detroit treasure with a tiny menu revolving around freshly carved ham. In soup, on a roll, or with eggs, it’s irresistible. Continue reading Mike’s Famous Ham Place | Freshly Carved Ham | Detroit | Roadfood Restaurants

Duly’s | Coney Island Hot Dogs | Old School Diner | Detroit

Duly’s is an all-hours, old school diner serving superb chili, including one of the best Coney Island hot dogs anywhere. A Detroit best! Continue reading Duly’s | Coney Island Hot Dogs | Old School Diner | Detroit | Roadfood Restaurants

Bari Italian Beef & Subs

Bari is a Chicago neighborhood bodega with legendary Italian Beef & Subs as well as house-made meatballs that melt in your mouth. Continue reading Bari Italian Beef & Subs | Roadfood Restaurants

Original Rainbow Cone

Original Rainbow Cone sells American ice cream that is light-hearted and nostalgic. Get a cone with all five signature flavors. Continue reading Original Rainbow Cone | Roadfood Restaurants

Flock and Fowl

A hip Downtown Las Vegas roost that lays downs some obsession worthy wings and thick fried chicken sandwiches. Continue reading Flock and Fowl | Roadfood Restaurants

Commisso Brothers & Racco Italian Bakery

Commisso Brothers, known for its mob history, is a mini mart that serves one of the best late-night sandwiches in Toronto. Continue reading Commisso Brothers & Racco Italian Bakery | Roadfood Restaurants

Gifford Homestead

A one-of-a-kind fruit pie stand, Gifford Homestead is inspired by surrounding groves planted by pioneers in Capitol Reef National Park. Continue reading Gifford Homestead | Roadfood Restaurants


A new contender in a competitive field, Brooklyn’s Lucali has foodies waiting hours in line to eat what’s hyped as New York’s best pizza. Continue reading Lucali | Roadfood Restaurants


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