Ant George

Ant George


A writer, filmmaker, musician, and live event producer from Southern California, I am passionate about providing entertainment in any way, shape, or form. And whether it’s exploring new foods or returning to tried and true comforts, food is one of the best ways I feel that I, and everyone, can express love.


More Curry

A taste of north India found in South Corona Continue reading More Curry | Roadfood Restaurants

The Spot

Beautiful beaches, stunning mountains, the glamor of Hollywood. All of these are nearly synonymous with Southern California. But longtime residents know it’s the food that plays such an integral part of our culture. The love of food extends far beyond Angelinos — into the valleys, the mountain ski towns, and the nearly endless beachside communities. … Continue reading The Spot


There’s something about deep fried dough that unites us as a people. Be it beignets or funnel cake, bhaturas or to  the humble doughnut, fried dough, both sweet and savory, is a simple joy  found across nearly every culture in the world. In California, with our heavy Spanish and Mexican influence, the churro is king. … Continue reading Azucanela


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