Marvin Nakashima

Marvin Nakashima

Las Cruces, NM

First of all, I have been a longtime fan of the Sterns and before they sold the Roadfood franchise, have been on their bus excursions to Memphis, Cajun country, and Chicago.  Their Roadfood compendiums has been my food guide on my travels in the U.S. and now guides me to street foods in my travels in Europe.  I have posted a number of reviews of food establishments in keeping with the Sterns’ goal of highlighting unique regional foods/restaurants.
By training, I am an entomologist, but most of my work experience has been as a FDA entomologist where in a field lab I was tasked with counting “extraneous filth” (insect fragments, rodent hairs) in processed foods, largely imported.  When I transferred from the field lab to the Bureau of Food (now Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition), my research was to developing methodology for extracting “extraneous filth” from an imported products with a persistent history of high “extraneous filth” counts.  This was so FDA field analysts would all be using one method for the problem product.  The group I was in was responsible for developing “Administrative Guidelines” for what FDA considered excessive amounts of “extraneous filth” in for example, 50 insect fragments in 50 grams of flour, or the number fig wasps allow in fig paste.


Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Dinosaur BBQ began in Syracuse and has multiplied. The food that made it a hit seems every bit as good in the offshoots, including this one in Rochester. Continue reading Dinosaur Bar-B-Que | Roadfood Restaurants

Mesilla Valley BBQ

** THIS RESTAURANT IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED ** With its menu of ribs, brisket, sandwiches, four types of sausage, and a burnt ends salad, Mesilla Valley BBQ is a smoked-meat oasis in southern New Mexico. Continue reading Mesilla Valley BBQ | Roadfood Restaurants

Eat ‘n Meet Grill

** THIS RESTAURANT IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED ** It looks like a grocery store, but Eat ‘n’ Meet Grill in fact is an accomplished fine-dining restaurant in upstate New York. Continue reading Eat ‘n Meet Grill | Roadfood Restaurants

Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe

Mitsitam Native Foods Café gives visitors to the Smithsonian Museums a rare chance to enjoy delicious Native American foods from around country. Continue reading Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe | Roadfood Restaurants

Calumet Fisheries

Calumet is a tiny Chicago South Side seafood shack with a great smokehouse: catfish, chubs, eel, trout, salmon, shrimp, sturgeon, trout, whitefish and more. Continue reading Calumet Fisheries | Roadfood Restaurants

Stacy’s Smoke Dem Bones Pit Stop BBQ

Stacy Phipps has the reputation as one of Phoenix’s top BBQ pit masters; his restaurant serves big plates of smoky ribs and pulled pork. Continue reading Stacy’s Smoke Dem Bones Pit Stop BBQ | Roadfood Restaurants

Wuksachi Lodge Dining Room

For vegetarians and salad lovers, Waksachi Lodge in Sequoia National Park is a best bet. Filet mignon, BBQ tri-tip, and ribeye also are good. Continue reading Wuksachi Lodge Dining Room | Roadfood Restaurants


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