Ernie Kilian

Ernie Kilian

Bozeman, MT

As a lover of regional foods on a budget since traveling with his parents decades ago, Ernie honed his love of road foods and small, inexpensive gems as a result of working for the federal government and having resided in eight states.  A dedicated road-tripper, sometimes with friends or with his daughter, he's constantly exploring for the tasty dishes, home town atmospheres, and fascinating proprietors that help make the beautifully diverse USA the eclectic home of delightful eateries that surprise and enhance memories.  With camera and empty stomach, who knows the delights the next bend brings?


Luxury Diner

A beacon of value and superior short-order meals, Cheyenne, Wyoming’s Luxury Diner has been a locals’ favorite for decades. Continue reading Luxury Diner | Roadfood Restaurants


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