Concord Teacakes

Review by: Michael Stern

There’s a small irony about Judy Fersch’s bakery. She makes the signature British breakfast pastry – scones – in the town where Americans rebelled against British tyranny: Concord, Massachusetts.

Since 1984, Concord Teacakes has earned a sterling reputation for its marvelous scones, tea cakes, short bread, and fruitcakes, at first available only in local gourmet stores. Gradually, Judy started selling them by mail; now, she’s got a retail bakery just across from the West Concord railroad station. And the bakery even has tables for enjoying tea and scones on the spot. With the scones (available plain, cinnamon-flavored, or dotted with currants), you want a nice ivory orb of clotted cream (like whipped cream, but denser) and a spoonful of Stonewall Kitchen’s raspberry peach champagne jam. Snacks don’t get much better than this!

Concord Teacakes is set up for mail order, but to get scones and appropriate toppings by mail, you must be willing to pay for next-day delivery (they are baked fresh without preservatives) and place your order by Friday of the week before you want them.

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