Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream

Review by: billyboy

I had been to Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream with some friends many years ago and remembered it as being really good. My friend and I had dinner next door and I told him to save room for Christina’s as I was sure it would blow our minds. I was right. He is really big into the classic flavors and I assured him that he could find them at Christina’s, but he should consider trying a flavor that was a little more out of the way. He went with a medium cup of Coconut Almond Chip and couldn’t believe how good it was. He just about inhaled it in 3-4 blocks as we walked to the T (the local subway).

What to eat at Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream

They’re good about giving samples so I tried Burnt Sugar and was sold. A medium cup dipped in pistachios later, I was in heaven. The best way I can describe it would be as if someone had created a way to extract the burnt sugar flavor from creme brulee and infuse it directly into the ice cream. It was an intensely flavored cup of cold, creamy, burnt-sugary goodness that I ate very, very slowly and enjoyed to the fullest. I love pistachios and they added a nice crunch, but I wouldn’t get them again with this ice cream as they got in the way of the pure flavor of this treat.

The texture of the ice cream is wonderful: creamy, not too thick or heavy and they experiment with a dizzying array of flavors (many of which are only around seasonally when fresh ingredients are available). I highly recommend a trip if you’re ever in Boston/Cambridge. You won’t be disappointed.

What To Eat

Burnt Sugar Ice Cream

Khulfi Ice Cream


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