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Review by: Cliff Strutz

Winnemucca in the Morning

Open at 6:00am every day of the week, The Griddle has earned legions of local and traveling fans. Of course it has: It serves the best breakfast in Winnemucca, Nevada. Our only problem is choosing from a menu that is Oxford Dictionary-large.

Dizzying Drink Repertoire

Start with a glass of orange juice. How fresh is it? The menu reassures you it goes “right from the orange to the glass.” They also squeeze lemons to make lemonade. Should you require a more potent pick-me-up, consider a mimosa; they sell them by carafe and glass. How about a beermosa made of ale and orange juice? Breakfast thirst finds happiness in Bloody Marys or Irish coffee or anything imaginable from a full espresso bar. The point is that even the drink menu is huge.

From the Griddle’s Griddle

Beyond choosing what to drink, you can have dad’s-recipe hotcakes or hotcakes made with apples, strawberries, bananas, chocolate chips, or (on Sunday only) blueberries. Waffle fanciers will be happy to know that the kitchen makes both traditional thin buttermilk waffles and big Belgians. They come with a cup of hot syrup, which is nice. We think they’re even better dolloped with the homemade marmalade found on each table


Over multiple visits, we’ve very much enjoyed steel cut oatmeal and an extra-thick chicken fried steak that is hand-breaded to order. We especially recommend chorizo Benedict. The cooks cut sausage links in half and grill them to obtain a nice crusty exterior. They place the sizzled links on a toasted English muffin, top them with a perfectly poached egg, and blanket the dish with spicy chipotle hollandaise sauce.

Crepes of all sort, five kinds of French toast, and a virtually infinite variety of omelets (from a part of the menu titled “omelets your way”) reflect just a small portion of what else there is to eat.

Roadfood Ambience

Aside from the fact that it serves the best breakfast in Winnemucca, The Griddle gets our love for its personality. The interior radiates Roadfood diner charm with its low wood ceiling, pea green swivel seats at the counter, and high-backed, plush booths. Service is small-town friendly. Do not be surprised if the waitress calls you sweetie or darling.

The Griddle first opened in Winnemucca in 1948. It has since added four locations around the Boise, Idaho, metro area.

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Chicken Fried Steak

Chorizo Benedict



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