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Corky’s BBQ started in Memphis and now has multiple locations in the mid-South. We are happy to report that the magic of the Brentwood branch sustains the magic of the meat. This Corky’s serves fine pork shoulder, hickory-cooked and hand-pulled into a heap of soft, sweet pieces of smoke-laced meat. The pork comes pre-sauced and piled high on a platter with baked beans, cole slaw, and a warm rolls or stuffed into a sandwich that is made Memphis-style, meaning slaw is included inside the bun.

What to eat at Corky’s BBQ in Memphis, TN

While pulled pork is our favorite Memphis-style meat, there are many pig fanciers who swear by Corky’s ribs, which are available wet or dry. Wet means bathed in Corky’s spicy red sauce; dry means crusted with a vivid spice rub that serves as a kind of envelope to hold all the sweet juices and smoke flavor inside. Also on the menu are hot tamales with chili and cheese, as well as beef and chicken barbecue. We have tried the beef and it is pretty darn good; but unless you are kosher, pork is definitely the meat to eat.

Although Corky’s sauce is not four-alarm hot, it will leave your tongue tingling. That’s why it is a special pleasure to end the meal with a slice of cool Key lime pie.

What To Eat

Pulled Pork


Hot Tamales

BBQ Pork Pizza

Jumbo BBQ Beef Sandwich

Bar-B-Que Pulled Chicken Sandwich

Smoked Sausage and Cheese Plate


Corky’s Recipes


What do you think of Corky’s?

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Melissa Linkinhoker

October 7th, 2005

While Corky’s BBQ and ribs are good, the items that have become our favorites are ones that didn’t make it into Michael’s review and they probably aren’t the items one typically goes to a BBQ joint for. Living close by though, we were eating there so regularly that we started to venture out and try other items on the menu.

The BBQ shrimp have to be my favorite. They are in a buttery sauce that is a perfect dip for their wonderful crusty French rolls. It’s got rosemary and some other spices that I have yet to identify, and has a slight kick, but it’s not really a barbecue sauce like I have seen elsewhere. The shrimp are never overcooked. The appetizer portion comes with six shrimp on a skewer served on top of a piece of lettuce with lots of the sauce for dipping. The dinner portion comes with two skewers and sides.

The second surprise is the smoked turkey salad. Not being a ‘salad’ person, I never knew a salad could be so good and so filling. The smoked turkey is just perfect perched atop crisp iceberg lettuce with slices of cucumber, tomatoes and cheddar cheese and topped with a barbecue ranch dressing and croutons. Their smoked turkey is not dry but it’s also not rubbery like turkey can sometimes be.

And you have to start each meal with an onion loaf: thinly sliced rings of onions with a light crispy batter. Unfortunately, this is one item that you cannot get to go, but I have taken leftovers home and sucessfully warmed them in the oven. If you have kids, you will likely try their spaghetti, which was surprisingly good with a nice meat sauce that has a tomato tang, not too sweet and just the right balance of herbs.

There is a lot more to Corky’s than BBQ.


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