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Review by: Michael Stern

Here’s The Beef

Are you in Montgomery, Alabama, wanting to eat delicious beef? Lunch with cattlemen at the Stockyard Grill. This restaurant adjoining the stockyards serves lunch only, weekdays only. The menu’s red-meat repertoire ranges from handsome hamburgers to prime rib to steaks cut however large you want.

Ribeye reigns. Proprietors Kevin and Jennifer Meredith slice it fairly thin and yet juice flows the moment you touch it. They season it with a spice mix that Kevin’s grandfather created years ago. Whatever’s in it, this mix adds magnificent radiance to beef. Enjoy the ribeye on a plate or in a sandwich. Or have it as one layer in a somewhat ridiculous item known as the DAM sandwich. They build that one with a hamburger, Swiss and American cheeses, and all known garnishes added to the steak. Texas toast provides a sturdy foundation. They may have created the DAM sandwich as a stunt, but the fact is that steak plus burger plus everything else tastes great.

Meat & 3 & Dessert

Beyond beef, the Grill offers a Monday through Friday meat-&-3 menu. Here you find pork chops, fried chicken, meat loaf, etc. Vegetables include the likes of purple hull peas, fried okra, and broccoli-cheese casserole.

Do not ignore dessert. Jennifer makes the peach crisp and buttermilk pie. Each offers swoonful sweetness. The crisp is crunchy-chewy-fruity. The pie is smooth as velvet.

A Happy Place

Good cheer vibrates throughout the boisterous dining room. Auction buyers and sellers boast and lament. A staff of git-er-done waitresses fairly run from table to table. The one who took care of me wore a shirt that said, “Home of the original steak sandwich.”

Chances are you will wait to have your lunch with cattlemen. The dining room is fairly small and always crowded. Arriving customers sign in on a wait-list in the vestibule just outside. They then listen to be called to a table by one of the waitstaff.

Again: The Stockyard Grill is open only for lunch, Monday through Friday.

What To Eat

Ribeye Steak Sandwich

DAM Sandwich


Buttermilk Pie

Peach Crisp



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Rosa Smith

December 30th, 2022

Yes! I love the foods especially the buttermilk pie I wish I had the recipe.


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