Kanab Creek Bakery

Review by: Jess Dawson

Kanab Creek Bakery is a local go-to for the best pastries. Driven by a European mindset, Belgian native Majorie Casse opened the bakery as a space for neighbors to savor the traditional cuisine she enjoyed growing up. If she can’t find ingredients locally, she sources them from Arizona, Idaho and California to reduce waste. The warm, simple aesthetic is no-frills but friendly, with a wood-fired oven in the back. In front, a sign says, “Coffee and Friends, a perfect blend.”

Rainy with a chance of flammenkeuche

When we arrive, it’s starting to pour outside, and everyone inside is respectfully waiting for their chance to order. There is a lot to choose from and look at, from beautiful French-style flammenkeuche pizzas to loaves of fresh bread.

We go for dessert first with the Coco Rocher, a small, golden, dome-shaped coconut macaroon that’s topped with white chocolate and small sugar crystals. It’s moist with a chewy center, and quite rich. 

Croissants are excellent, with gorgeous buttery layers and a satisfying crunch. Slivered almonds and powdered sugar top the Almond Croissant. Inside, there’s just enough almond cream. The Ham and Cheese Croissant also has ample fillings of Swiss cheese and ham, with a crunchy, cheesy crust. 

Finally we get a Savory Bacon & Swiss Clafoutis, which is sort of like a frittata but way better and fluffier, with cream and a touch of nutmeg.

The best pastries, standing or not

To go, we get a jar of the tasty Strawberry Basil Jam. We eat a few bites on the standing counters before darting off into the rain. It felt important to make room for more customers eager to get a taste of Europe in Kanab.

What To Eat

Coco Rocher

KCB’s Almond Croissant

Savory Bacon & Swiss Clafoutis

KCB’s Ham and Cheese Croissant

Strawberry Basil Jam


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