De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies

Review by: Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle

Classic Northeast Tomato Pies

Start with one of America’s finest pizza makers: De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies on Hudson Street in Trenton, New Jersey. Add a selection of salads and a bathroom (there was none at the Hudson Street location). What do you get? De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies in Robbinsville, New Jersey. Yes, Robbinsville may be the suburbs, and the new restaurant is spacious and modern. But the pizzas that emerge from those ovens perfectly replicate those served at the original location in Trenton (which closed in 2012). In other words, here you find truly great New Jersey pizza.

De Lo’s New Jersey pizzas, which they call tomato pies, start with a round of dough thin enough that it develops fetching crispness in the oven. Next come canned tomatoes, not tomato sauce. They then apply a modest amount of cheese, toppings of your choice, and a spritz of oil. Balance rules here, not extravagance. Don’t expect a pizza weighted down with pounds of meats and cheeses. We know people who consider one large pie per person about right.


The Robbinsville location added a few new topping options to the menu. You can now get things like fresh basil, artichokes, and roasted peppers. Our favorite toppings still include the juicy, chunky sausage and toothsome thick-sliced pepperoni. We also recommend white pies with broccoli or spinach.

Surprising Salads

As in many of the great pizzerias, salads now occupy part of the menu. At De Lo’s, they are not mere formalities. The kitchen here does a terrific job with salads. We’ve enjoyed all kinds of seasonal combinations of pristine greens topped with things like juicy fresh blackberries, perfectly ripe and sweet heirloom tomatoes, sharp cheese, and toasted pine nuts.

How To Not Wait

De Lorenzo opens for lunch four days a week and dinner six days a week. No matter when you go, expect to wait for a table at a normal mealtime. (They do not take reservations.) If you really don’t like to wait, arrive when they open: 11 am for lunch, 4 pm for dinner. At those times, you should be able to waltz right to a table.

Note: There is a 2nd location of De Lorenzo’s in Yardley, Pennsylvania at 1707 Langhorne Yardley Rd. 215-493-1006

What To Eat

Seasonal Salad

Large Tomato Pie

Pizza Toppings

Birch Beer


De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies Recipes


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