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According to the Anchor Bar owners, they accidentally invented the Buffalo chicken wing while making chicken stock in 1964. The rest is history.

The key to the tastiest chicken wings you can find anywhere is the cooking process and the sauce. Contrary to how most restaurants prepare the wings-– at the Anchor Bar they are fried– NOT baked. This makes the skin have a crunchy outer shell and the meat on the bone moist and tender. The sauce is tangy with a slight hint of vinegar and spice. I prefer to order the wings medium-hot to hot, but other levels of heat include mild, medium, BBQ and if you are feeling brave–“Suicidal.”

It’s easy to pinpoint the locals dining by what’s on their table. They order beef on weck or a wings portion three times the size of a casual wing eater. During my last visit I encountered a couple splitting a portion of 50 wings and a pitcher of beer for lunch!

If you are not planning a trip to Buffalo anytime soon, the Anchor Bar’s website offers wings shipped to your home. With proper preparation (read: deep fry and Anchor Bar sauce) they are nearly as good as eating them at the restaurant.

What to Eat
Anchor Bar, Wings
Notice the crispy exterior on the wing. The leftover sauce is tasty to mop-up with bread.
Anchor Bar, Anchor Chips
Anchor Chips
Potatoes like these have various names across the country. Here they're called Anchor Chips, and they're prepared particularly well at Anchor. In the background is marinated eggplant.
Anchor Bar, Hot Wings – Double
Hot Wings – Double
Crisp skin, hot and, believe it or not, chickeny, not drowning in sauce, and fresh, crisp celery to boot.
Anchor Bar, Wing Soup
Wing Soup
You can really taste the bleu cheese in this creamy bowl of wing soup. (Photo and caption by buffetbuster.)
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Saturday12pm - 11pm
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