Roy Moore Lobster Co.

Review by: Maggie Rosenberg & Trevor Hagstrom

Roy Moore Lobster has been in Rockport, Massachusetts, selling lobsters since 1918. It’s everything you could want from a little seafood shack. For a lobster and chowder lunch, we don’t know of any place we’d rather eat. The kitchen is limited; its focus is cooking lobsters. Beyond whole ones, the small menu includes pre-made lobster rolls, stuffed clams, and chowder.

It is a tiny place, hardly bigger than a corn-dog stand, its private deck overlooking an unused corner of the Rockport harbor. It stays lively with a full team busily moving lobster from tank to pot. Waiting customers and seagulls hover over occupied tables hoping for a chance to pounce.

What should I eat at Roy Moore Lobster?

We recommend getting some snacks while you wait, not because the wait is long, but because the superb Maine oysters you can get here are large, saline, and complex. Stuffed clams also are tasty and very full tender clam chunks. Their downside is that the filling becomes soggy when it is reheated in the microwave, as it is here. If possible, take them home and do them properly in the oven. Even with the softened texture, though, we wished we had ordered more of these excellent stuffies. 

The chowder is very good : custard thick with a gentle celery influence and lots of tender clams. We recommend taking a pint of it to the end of the Bearskin Road walking street and enjoying it out on the rocky jetty.

The main reason anyone should come and wait for one of the few precious tables a whole lobster. They are sold individually or by the trio for a slight discount. Ours was pretty big, especially considering its bargain price. There is a well appointed sink complete with toothpicks and wet naps available for washing up after you get messy.

Note that there is a second Roy Moore Lobster location, called the Roy Moore Fish Shack, at the beginning of the boardwalk. This is a sit-down restaurant with slightly higher prices and a full kitchen.

What To Eat

Cooked Lobster

Glidden Point Oysters


New England Clam Chowder


Roy Moore Lobster Co. Recipes


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