Stephen Rushmore Jr.

Stephen Rushmore Jr.

Stephen Rushmore Jr. has contributed multiple posts reviewing restaurants all over the country.  He mainly focuses on Ice Cream parlors, ice cream shops and anything that serves the delectable treat we all love.  See his posts if you are looking for a cool summer cone!


Sisters and Brothers

Nashville-style hot fried chicken rules at Seattle’s Sisters and Brothers, where spice levels go all the way to “insane.” Good sandwiches & side dishes, too. Continue reading Sisters and Brothers | Roadfood Restaurants

Anderson’s Frozen Custard

Year-around, Anderson’s serves superb custard that is soft and creamy and rich. No indoor seating at this location in Buffalo. Continue reading Anderson’s Frozen Custard | Roadfood Restaurants

Franklin’s BBQ

A visit to legendary Franklin’s BBQ in Austin, Texas is like a pilgrimage — an ordeal (long, long wait), but also an encounter with a miracle (the brisket). Continue reading Franklin’s BBQ | Roadfood Restaurants

Mammy’s Cupboard

Vernacular roadside architecture shaped like s Mrs. Butterworth bottle, Mississippi’s Mammy’s Cupboard serves traditional southern meat-and-three meals. Continue reading Mammy’s Cupboard | Roadfood Restaurants

Running Bear Pancake House

Just outside the west entrance to Yellowstone, Running Bear Pancake House fuels park visitors with warm cinnamon rolls, buttermilk pancakes & eggs. Continue reading Running Bear Pancake House | Roadfood Restaurants

Rancho Bravo Tacos

Rancho Bravo is essence of Seattle’s Capitol Hill: grungy, up-and-coming, authentic. Food is cheap, delicious, and served until late at night. Continue reading Rancho Bravo Tacos | Roadfood Restaurants

Schlafly Bottleworks

The first brewery to open in St. Louis after Prohibition, Schlafly not only produces great beer but great food as well – American meals with a high-class Missouri twist. There is space for everyone in this beer pub: an outdoor family-friendly patio, a man-cave sports bar, and a traditional indoor restaurant. Continue reading Schlafly Bottleworks | Roadfood Restaurants

Myran’s Maison de Manger

During crawfish season, every diner at every table in Myran’s Maison de Manger goes for a heaping mound of bright red mudbugs. With beer, of course! Continue reading Myran’s Maison de Manger | Roadfood Restaurants

The Duffeyroll Cafe

A Duffeyroll cinnamon roll is as light as a croissant, crisp and finely veined with cinnamon and sugar. It’s a pastry best-bet in Denver, Colorado. Continue reading The Duffeyroll Cafe | Roadfood Restaurants


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