Grindstone Neck Of Maine

Review by: Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle

Maine means lobster for many of us, but Maine is also a great place to try all manner of seafood, including the fine smoked versions turned out by Grindstone Neck. Located on the picturesque Schoodic Peninsula, Grindstone Neck of Maine is not a restaurant, but a seafood smokehouse, owned by a local restaurateur/innkeeper. There’s a retail store on the premises, but you’ll have to take your purchases someplace else to enjoy them. We found their parking lot to be quite suitable.

What to eat at Grindstone Neck of Maine

We tore open the package of moist, smoky, and intense hot-smoked salmon. Just as good were the smoked shrimp and smoked scallops, sold in six-ounce plastic containers. They have a variety of other smoked seafood products, including mussels, oysters, trout, haddock, and salmon in several styles.

They also have a cheese spread of which they are especially proud. It’s served in their restaurant, and you can sample some while you’re at the smokehouse, along with most of the other products. The cheese is also good, but it’s for the exemplary smoked fish and shellfish that we recommend a visit.

What To Eat

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