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Big Stuff Barbecue serves barbecue to make a Texan happy: beef, ribs, and homemade sausage, of course, but also turkey and ham. French fries, baked beans, and made-here potato salad are all good side dishes.

I’ve never regretted leaving Texas for Oregon in 1986, except maybe for one thing: where are you going to find good BBQ in the Pacific NW? This place is as close as you’re gonna get.

Big Stuff Barbecue has been serving up great authentic BBQ for almost a decade now in downtown Cottage Grove. Brothers Simon and Ira really take pride in their work. They are in an old building next to a vacant lot where you’ll see their smoker and a great big wood pile. If they are not too busy when you go in ask the person working the counter to show you the meat fresh out of the smoker. They will be happy to give you samples.

What should I eat at Big Stuff Barbecue?

It’s all good, but I particularly like the sausage, which they make themselves. Besides the usual beef, ribs, and chicken, they smoke some other meats, like turkey and ham, on different days of the week. I always talk to them to find out what’s particularly good that day. All the sides are made from scratch and they have a good beer selection, including a few Oregon microbrews.

If you are planning a trip up or down I-5 you owe it to yourself to take the Cottage Grove exit (22 miles south of Eugene) and check out Big Stuff. As an added bonus, fans of the movie Animal House will be glad to know that Main Street in Cottage Grove was where they filmed the famous parade scene. Bluto would have loved this place.

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byron coley

October 24th, 2015

I-5 south of Portland has never been a great spot to find good eats, so I was glad to read the review of Big Stuff BBQ in Cottage Grove. Stopped on a Friday afternoon and had a very nice plate of chopped brisket with two sides for $12 or so. Brisket was a little on the lean side, but smoky and quite good in the taste dept. Slaw was good — mayo based, but with enough cider vinegar to mitigate the sweetness — and the mac & cheese was excellent and smoked. Mac & cheese must be ordered as a separate side, but it’s not a budget killer when the basics are roseately priced. Looked like they had a few nice drafts available too. But I was driving solo, so…


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