Cornerstone Pie

Review by: Lori Rice

The best part about a pizza at Cornerstone Pie is its crust. Just the right thickness, it balances the crispness of a thin crust pie with the tender, chewy depth of a deep dish. The restaurant says its dough recipe was developed specifically for them and that its roots date back to San Francisco in the mid-1970s.

Topping options include combos that are different, including the addition of such unusual items as macadamia nuts and dried cherries. There is a long list of specialty pies to choose from.

What to eat at Cornerstone Pie

One called Pesto Pacifica is a must. It is loaded with prawns, bay scallops, and salmon over a white garlic sauce. Prosciutto and kalamata olives add salty balance to all the sweet seafood, as does a finishing drizzle of pesto.

The Big Island is a different kind of Hawaiian-style pizza. It starts with barbecue sauce and then it’s topped with Spanish chorizo and bacon. Sun-dried Bing cherries and mango-pineapple salsa send this one over the top in creativity and flavor. Although it is a surprising combination, the ingredients taste as if they have always belonged together.

Sandwiches and salads are also available. Spinach Salad is a favorite with its tangy cranberries and pickled red onion combined with smoky bacon and a Dijon champagne dressing.

Beers and wines of the Northwest along with cocktails are available with your meal at Cornerstone Pie.

The restaurant space was designed with an artist’s touch, keeping energy efficiency in mind. Customized bike racks out front are the same as those placed in front of businesses around the city, reminding you that you are in a Pacific Northwest college town. On a pleasant day, the patio is where you will find everyone seated. At Cornerstone Pie, dogs are welcome to dine with you outside.


What To Eat

Pesto Pacifica Pizza

The Big Island Pizza

Spinach Salad


Cornerstone Pie Recipes


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