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Review by: Maggie Rosenberg & Trevor Hagstrom

Great Pie In A City Reborn

Sister Pie exemplifies an inspiring culinary renaissance in Detroit. Walk in the front door and you find a paragon of progress in a city striving to reinvent itself. The bright, welcoming bakery offers a display case full of hand-made goodies tended by a cadre of smiling bakers. The owners make an effort to hire from the community. They aim to foster a sense of pride around Detroit ingenuity in particular and Michigan produce in general.

Fresh Fruit, Not Goopy Filling

The first thing you notice when looking at a slice of pie is its consistency. You see big chunks of fresh, toothsome seasonal fruit rather than stewed, syrupy fillings. Crusts are dark, sturdy, and wholesome. Sogginess softens the top crust, but that’s OK. When mixed with the filling, the crust serves admirably as a fruit complement.

Celebrating the Seasons

Community funding founded the bakery in 2015. Its mission is to celebrate the diversity of Michigan produce. Seasonality determines the menu. A Roasted Pear and Walnut Pie tasted like the specific moment that we were in the bakery. Its flavor suggested summer mellowing into the first cool weeks before autumn. Because of the year’s late summer, pie season also extended to offer peach-blackberry filling. The filling tasted of perfectly ripe fruit.

Not Just Pie

The culinary renaissance takes Sister Pie beyond just pies. The repertoire includes an eye-catching Paprika Peanut-Butter Cookie. That balances sweet and savory in a peanut and chili duet. Other not-to-be-missed specialties include cinnamon buns, salted rosemary shortbread, and Robert Redford cookies. The Redfords feature rolled oats, walnuts, milk, chocolate and pretzels. Flakes of sea salt dot their surface. For a small taste of the bakery, pie cookies are a two-bite delight: Discs of crust sandwich lemon curd filling. The bakery also serves a mean cup of joe that is roasted locally.

What To Eat

Paprika Peanut Butter Cookie

Pie Cookie

Peach Blackberry Pie

Roast Pear and Walnut Pie


Sister Pie | Culinary Renaissance in Detroit | So Sweet Recipes


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