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One of the best

A low-slung adobe house on the old road to Canyon City, open only in the summer, only for dinner Wednesday through Saturday, as well as Sunday afternoon, and only if you have a reservation in advance (generally three to four days in advance), Juniper Valley Ranch serves some of the nicest food in the west. In a region where so many culinary highlights are four-alarm hot or frontier-crude, here is a place to sit down with a serene meat-and-potatoes meal and a glass of iced tea. It is a family-style retreat with antiques around the fireplace and a menu that lists the same two entrees every day.

Start with curried consomm√© or spiced cherry cider. Then choose either skillet-fried chicken or baked ham in an oval casserole. These satisfying entrees are accompanied by hot biscuits and apple butter, cole slaw, okra and tomato stew, and delightfully fluffy riced potatoes. Help yourself to seconds, thirds, as much as you like, then top things off with the dessert of the day — bread pudding, fruit cobbler, cake — or a hot fudge sundae. It is a simple meal, virtually unchanged since opening day in 1951, served on calico tablecloths and seasoned with the rare and irresistible ingredient of tradition’s charm.

What to Eat
Juniper Valley Ranch, fried chicken
fried chicken
With a thin, brittle crust and juicy meat, the fried chicken was clearly the best thing on the table.
Juniper Valley Ranch, riced potatoes
riced potatoes
I was so convinced the riced potatoes were simply rice, I asked our waitress why we didn't receive our mashed potatoes.
Juniper Valley Ranch, Baked Ham
Baked Ham
Thick-cut and lean, the ham is a must eat here.
Juniper Valley Ranch, Apple Butter & Biscuits
Apple Butter & Biscuits
The hot, straight-from-the-oven biscuits were the perfect conduit for eating the cinnamony apple butter.
Juniper Valley Ranch, Cherry Cider
Cherry Cider
The cherry cider is served ultra-cold and grabbed our taste buds' attention immediately!
Juniper Valley Ranch, Consomme
To start your meal, you get the choice of either consomme or cherry cider. The consomme tasted heavily of curry.
Juniper Valley Ranch, Cole Slaw
Cole Slaw
The finely chopped cole slaw was both sweet and tart.
Juniper Valley Ranch, Okra Casserole
Okra Casserole
The okra casserole contains green beans, tomatoes, celery, okra, and rice. Plenty of black pepper gave it some heat.
Juniper Valley Ranch, Butterscotch Sundae
Butterscotch Sundae
Dessert comes with your dinner, but since they all sounded so good, we paid extra to get all three. The peppermint ice cream and chocolate brownie pudding were very good, but we both preferred the butterscotch sundae with the homemade sauce.
Directions and Hours
closed now
Sunday1pm - 7:30pm
Friday5pm - 8:30pm
Saturday5pm - 8:30pm
Summer, Spring
Meals Served
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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