McClard’s Bar-B-Q

Worth driving from anywhere!

McClard’s is in a 1942 stucco building that once offered toot-your-horn car-hop service. It’s a small place, crowded with hordes of happy eaters who work their way through plates of beef or pork sided by cole slaw, French fries, and hot tamales. Pork ribs, crusted with an eye-opening red sauce, are good enough to put McClard’s in the uppermost echelon of America’s barbecue parlors.

Many regular customers get their ribs on a “rib and fry” plate, which is a rack of meaty bones with crusty edges and succulent insides completely covered over with a serving of superb French fried potatoes. Eating such a meal is an inevitably messy task, requiring nimble fingers and plenty of napkins, for utensils are useless; but the process of picking up a few fries every time you tear off a rib soon becomes an art unto itself; and the savor of the moist, sweet meat close to the bone is simply beyond description.

A section of McClard’s menu is devoted to tamale plates, ranging from plain tamales with beans to a full spread. A spread is McClard’s term for a pair of tamales topped with sauce-sopped chopped smoked meat, beans, crisp Fritos chips, raw onions, and shredded orange cheese. Spreads remind us of the locally-favored Frito pie, but with the added zest of genuine pit barbecue.

What to Eat
McClard’s Bar-B-Q, rib and fry
rib and fry
The flagship item on McClard's menu: a rib & fry plate. It's a perfect combination, finger food at its best. Beneath that layer of potatoes is a whole rack of lip-smacking ribs.
McClard’s Bar-B-Q, tamale spread
tamale spread
A kind of deluxe Fritos pie, or, if you will, Southern-style five-way chili: layers of tamales, chili, crunchy corn chips, cheese and onions.
McClard’s Bar-B-Q, Ice Tea
Ice Tea
McClard's does have beer, but ice tea and water seem to be the preferred beverages among Hot Springs BBQ hounds.
McClard’s Bar-B-Q, Chopped Pork Plate
Chopped Pork Plate
Pork lovers will swoon over McClard's chopped pork. It is hacked fine and brushed with hot sauce that teases every bit of savor from the fibers of the meat.
McClard’s Bar-B-Q, Pork BBQ Sandwich
Pork BBQ Sandwich
The pork in the bbq sandwich comes chopped fine, covered in plenty of slaw and sauce.
McClard’s Bar-B-Q, Cole Slaw
Cole Slaw
The perfect palate-refresher: fine, sweet cole slaw
McClard’s Bar-B-Q, Hot Tamales
Hot Tamales
McClard’s Bar-B-Q, Milk Shake
Milk Shake
This strawberry milk shake was more creamy than thick and was the perfect beverage for washing down the tamale spread.
Directions and Hours
closed now
Tuesday11am - 7pm
Wednesday11am - 7pm
Thursday11am - 7pm
Friday11am - 8pm
Saturday11am - 8pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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