Blü Dragonfly Brü

Review by: Jess Dawson

Located off New Mexico’s Circle of Enchantment near Taos, Blü Dragonfly Brü requires most people take a detour. The minute we step inside the quiet brewery, we’re so glad we made the 20-minute detour from the main road to seek out the town’s best all-beef hot dogs.

A tasty draw for the scouts 

We’re immediately greeted by our waitress and bartender, who is as friendly as can be. She explains that the town of Cimarron is very much looking forward to summer and the 26,000 Boy Scout troops — and the business both bring. The pandemic hit this small town hard, and a fire the year before didn’t do any favors. This might explain the friendliness, but I think this is just how they are here. 

Don’t skip the brews

At the heart of Blu is the beer, which the owners proudly explain they have the patience to brew. (Apparently most micro and nano breweries don’t brew lagers because they require more time and refrigeration.) From “Grandad’s Pilsner” to dunkels to traditional Irish reds, they have a small but varied menu. We go with the Dawson Stout (how could I not?), which is creamy and chocolate-y, with hints of smoke, caramel and coffee. We also get the Rayado Red, which is refreshing and easy to drink.

The hot dog as a canvas for toppings

The food menu is entirely hot dogs, and each looks better than the next. Like the San Francisco–inspired Chow Chow with kimchi, Korean slaw and spicy mayo. And the Blue Healer with blue cheese, bacon, dill pickles, mustard and more blue cheese.

We decide on the Havanese, “a little Havana classic,” and it’s more than enough for both of us. The all-beef Nathan’s sausage is delicious, serving as the canvas for a huge pile of slightly sweet, smoked pulled pork. On top, a drizzle of mustard and dill pickle sauce. Inside, tucked next to the soft but sturdy bun is Swiss cheese. It’s awesome and unique, but also a little familiar. We get it with the Asian slaw side, which adds a bit of acidity when we dollop some on top.

A friendly place for an al fresco frank

We sit outside, and even though they traditionally call out your name when it’s ready, our waitress brings it out, then checks on us once we’ve had time to dig in. The line cook also comes out to make sure we’re happy with our order. Alongside the beer and the charming outdoor patio, I could see this place getting very busy under “normal” circumstances. It’s both unique and comforting, and the beer is clearly made with love.

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