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Review by: Michael Stern

Houston BBQ Destination

Goode Co. is a big name in the Houston food world. The best-known of several company restaurants is its original barbecue on Kirby. The moment you walk in, you know you have come upon true Roadfood. Choose between cafeteria-style service and sit-down service in an adjoining dining room. It’s basically a large eating barn (with a covered outdoor patio). Stacks of wood surround it. Smoldering mesquite and slow-cooked Lone Star BBQ brisket perfume the air.

Brisket Stars

About that brisket. Sauce is totally unnecessary — the meat is so darn juicy. They rub it with a proprietary mix of spices and herbs, and it emerges succulent. Piled between slices of this kitchen’s jalapeno cheese bread, it as savory as a sandwich can be. Goode Co. does offer fairly spicy red stuff to add to the brisket if you wish.

Beyond the Beef

Other than Lone Star BBQ brisket, the menu lists Czech sausage, jalapeno pork sausage, lean pork ribs, ham, chicken, and turkey breast. A la carte plates hold only your meat of choice and a slice of that wonderful jalapeno cheese bread. The bread also is the foundation for sandwiches. Or it is possible to choose a po boy sandwich on French bread. Order a dinner and you get meat, bread, and either a loaded baked potato or a couple of side dishes. The sides include such BBQ classics as mac & cheese, cole slaw, green beans, baked beans, and potato salad. Palates that enjoy intrigue will want to supplement their meat with jambalaya Texana.

It is well worth reserving appetite for dessert. Chocolate cream pie and pralines are fine. Brazos Bottom pecan pie, loaded with unbroken nuts, is required eating. Pecan pie fanciers consider it one of the nation’s best. (Goode Co. is all set up to ship mail-order pecan pies.)

BBQ Wood For Sale

Mesquite, pecan, and oak wood are available by the bundle, in chunks or logs, for do-it-yourselfers to take home.

What To Eat

Brisket Sandwich


Chocolate Pie

Two Meat Combo Dinner


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