Third Culture Coffee

Review by: Indi Aufranc

Excellent coffee in Bellevue

Taste excellent coffee in Bellevue at Third Culture Coffee, which brings a taste of the rest of the world to the manicured city center. Their list of signature drinks consists of coffee combinations from around the world. Their offerings include Vietnamese coffee, Indian filter coffee, drinking chocolate from France, and more from several countries. 

What should I try at Third Culture Coffee?

Though I am admittedly a coffee drinker rather set in my ways (i.e., the most adventurous I usually am is deciding to switch from an iced to a hot latte), I had to try something off the specialty menu. I ended up with a New Orleans Iced Coffee in hand, a perfect choice for those like me who don’t love sweet drinks. The New Orleans iced coffee is just a tad sweet and mixes coffee-adjacent chicory with a smooth cold brew. The Haldi Doodh combines savory turmeric and sweet jaggery for fans of turmeric lattes. I will admit it’s a taste I haven’t acquired yet, but it’s a hit for fans of the drink. 

The ambiance of the coffee shop

Both their coffee and indoor décor pull inspiration from around the world. There are several tables inside the coffee house, with one long communal table to sit around and work or chat. There’s even an indoor swing seat hanging from the ceiling! The staff are friendly and helpful. When I asked about the ingredients of some of the specialty drinks, the barista I talked to helped me choose among the numerous options. 

Add some food and pastries to your coffee order

In addition to coffee, Third Culture also offers an assortment of teas and different food items. Some of the most popular foods on the menu are avocado toast and the Kaya toast. The latter is brioche bread topped with lemon coconut jam– yum! A specialty coffee and Kaya toast for breakfast would be a good start to any day.

Third Culture Coffee brings a sense of individuality to Bellevue, which can sometimes feel like a city in Seattle’s shadow. It’s a beautiful coffee house with unique, globally-focused menu items that you can’t find elsewhere. Its menu items are definitely on the pricier side, though, even by today’s specialty coffee standards– but the extra few dollars are worth it to try its quirky offerings.

Note: Happy hour is from 5pm to close on Monday–Friday. During the summer (March–September), Third Culture is open an hour later than the listed hours on Tuesday–Sunday. Third Culture has two other locations in Seattle and Redmond.

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