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Review by: Maggie Rosenberg & Trevor Hagstrom

Where to Eat Breakfast in the Tetons

If you hunger for a great morning meal in Jackson, Wyoming, drive to Wilson, about 15 minutes away. You’ll avoid the chaotic tourist-town restaurant lines and find epic breakfast.

Legendary Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros at Nora’s Fish Creek Inn have earned legendary status. Chef Nora Tygum’s tangy green sauce and a topping of broiled jack cheese makes them magical. A stack of cheese, tomatillo sauce, creamy refried beans, and medium any Benedict. There is a colorful streak of shredded orange cheddar in the cheese layer that brands the dish as Nora’s. Pass the flour tortillas to mop the plate!

Trout Instead of Bacon?

Trout and eggs offers a stream-fresh alternative to traditional breakfast meats. The fresh fish comes as a fillet with crisp skin and it is generously salted to become a fitting stand-in for bacon. It goes so well with runny eggs and shredded potatoes. 

Pastries, Pancakes, and French Toast

You must pay a little more to get a well-seeded Everything Croissant in place of toast. Do it! Butter drenches the already buttery pastry and yet it remains as crisp as dry toast. The combination of its crisp shell and soft, buttery pastry makes Nora’s worth a stop for just that and some coffee. 

Locals love Nora’s pancakes and French toast. If you crave a sweeter way to start the day, they’re just right. The golden pale pancakes sport slightly crisp edges. The flavor of its eggy challah bread infuses French toast that is light, airy, and subtle.    

A Friendly Destination

In spite of the renown of the diner (and the attractions of the area), the staff still finds time to chat with tables. They even act surprised to hear that you came from out of state. This keeps the pace of service very relaxed. Even if you have planned a full day at the parks, approach dining here with the patience of a fisherman. An epic breakfast makes it all worthwhile.

What To Eat

Trout and Eggs

Huevos Rancheros

Everything Croissant

Texas Toast French Toast

Blueberry Pancakes


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