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Review by: Indi Aufranc

Discover Great Seattle Coffee at QED Coffee in Mount Baker

Look no farther than QED Coffee to find the best coffee in Mount Baker, Seattle. Though the name of this coffee shop may bring to mind the likes of Euclid and Pythagoras, you don’t need to be a math prodigy to enjoy a visit to QED. Owner Matt Greenfield’s precision roast makes for a smooth, almost sweet brew that’s difficult not to down in seconds. Bitterness is often the pitfall of even the best coffee roasts, but the espresso in the iced latte tastes creamy and smooth. 

What should I order at QED Coffee?

Neither the Omanhene mocha nor Cascadia chai disappoint, even in comparison to the espresso. The mocha is just the right amount of sweet, with substantial coffee taste, and the chai is spicy and flavorful. For fans of drinks on the less sweet side, both of these offerings strike the right balance where the sugar does not overpower the drink itself. The cheddar and dill scone is a surprising star of the order; the two flavors pair unpredictably well, with the earthy taste of the dill contrasting with the sharpness of the cheddar.  As well as scones, there are other pastries on display to pair with your morning coffee. 

Traveling out of the city center to try their roast is a worthwhile detour. You’ll recognize the shop by its storefront painted a warm yellow. Across the street, a handful of benches overlook Puget Sound and Seattle’s downtown skyscrapers. The main street quietly bustles in the morning with dog walkers and joggers; it’s easy to feel like a quiet observer of urban life from this perch on the easternmost side of the city.

History of QED Coffee

QED coffee got its name from Greenfield’s undergraduate degree in mathematics. QED is the Latin abbreviation for “quod erat demonstrandum”  (meaning, “that which was demonstrated”). It’s written at the end of mathematical proofs to signify that the stated theorem has been proven. After graduating, Greenfield put his degree to unconventional use in crafting his own coffee blends and he later opened QED in 2015. To stand out among the coffee scene of Seattle is a high bar, but QED surpasses expectations with flying colors. 

Additional Information

There is an additional location in Capitol Hill.

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Chocolate Orange Scone





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