Suicide Bridge Restaurant | Best Crab Cakes in Maryland?

Review by: Michael Stern

All About the Crab Cakes

When you visit this restaurant, you you will eat some of the best crab cakes in Maryland. Choose from two types:

Fine and wispy crab cakes made with backfin meat, fried or broiled, hum with pleasing pepper glow. They’re swell.

If you want the most deluxe possible version of a crab cake, point to Kool’s Deluxe Crab Cakes on the menu. Have them broiled, of course. (Frying these crab cakes, made of big, pearly pieces of lump crab, would be a sin.) Anybody looking for the best crab cakes in Maryland must put these at the top of the itinerary. Sumptuous opalescent hunks of sweet meat seasoned with zest and speckled with herbs come lightly broiled and barely laced with any sort of filler.

Beyond Crab

Beyond the cakes, you’ll find plenty of fetching choices on the Suicide Bridge menu. If you like your crab meat fancied up, crab imperial and crab au gratin rate high. Steaks, ribs, and chicken also appear on the menu. I guess that regulars choose them for variety’s sake. But we out-of-towners come to savor what may be the best crab cakes in Maryland. We want what’s unique here. That is why crab cakes are the way to go. Other marine prizes on the menu include crab soup, oysters, and rockfish. Should you crave one other way with crab, have a crack at crab balls. These peppery little orbs emerge from the deep fry kettle as crunchy, pop-in-the-mouth bar snacks or hors d’oeuvre.

Suicide Bridge? Really?

As for the discomforting name of the restaurant: Yes, it indeed is located next to a bridge where on two occasions men shot and killed themselves. Also, way back when, some guy took a fatal drive straight into the water. On yet another occasion, according to the Suicide Bridge place mat, a jumper’s body was fished from the creek. It was laid out on the bridge. His blood soaked into the wooden boards and was visible for five years. More recently, a woman attempted suicide by jumping in. But she then changed her mind and cried for help until rescuers came and saved her. Gruesome tales notwithstanding, the restaurant provides warm, welcoming ambience. Its setting is especially charming. Broad windows look out on an Eastern Shore inlet from which paddlewheel boats glide into the Choptank River for dinner cruises.

What To Eat

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake

Crab Balls


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