Lucky Robot

One of the best

Quality sushi and Japanese cuisine are rare in central Texas, which is why Lucky Robot Japanese Kitchen is special. With a knowledgeable staff and atmosphere reminiscent of Tokyo’s urban bustle and lights, it is a memorable dining experience.

I try edamame whenever I see it on a menu. All too often, it is overly moist or not properly salted or served in meager portions. Lucky Robot’s version is just-right salty, crisp, and plentiful enough to share with friends.

We elected to try as much sushi and sashimi as our appetites (and wallets) would allow, starting with a Crunchy Atomic Salmon Maki Roll. The quality and freshness of the fish and produce are immediately apparent, and the topping of spicy mayo and Sriracha gives the roll just enough kick to make things interesting.

Our waitress recommended a house favorite, the Chiki Toro. Its star is fresh bigeye tuna, sliced into a few thick slivers, sporting a rich, savory flavor. Most surprising is the soft nature of this dish. Whereas sashimi can be overpowering, the Chiki Toro is well-balanced, complemented by an assortment of crisp raw vegetables.

If you don’t want to eat raw fish, there are plenty of cooked options that are equally amazing. Wagyu short rib and pork belly are “cooked sushi,” the beef tender and rich, a well received contrast to the quieter Chiki Toro. Similarly, the pork stands out on its own, paired with a light pickled cranberry sauce that really helps bring out the pork flavor.

A new gem in Austin, Lucky Robot will transport you to Tokyo for an evening and provide an authentic, fresh, Japanese kitchen experience.

What to Eat
Lucky Robot, Crunchy Atomic Salmon Maki Roll
Crunchy Atomic Salmon Maki Roll
Fresh and crisp Crunchy Atomic salmon maki roll
Lucky Robot, Edamame
Crisp soybeans are steamed with sea salt.
Lucky Robot, Wagyu Short Rib & Pork Belly
Wagyu Short Rib & Pork Belly
Cooked Wagyu short rib & pork belly: extremely satisfying
Lucky Robot, Chiki Toro
Chiki Toro
Bigeye tuna stars in Chiki Toro bowl.
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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