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Burris Farm Market Bakery | What to expect

Most people who drive along Highway 59 towards the Gulf Coast know Burris Farm Market as a fabulous farm stand. It is definitely that: a spacious, open-sided building lined with hampers of Alabama-grown goodies that range from asparagus and broccoli to watermelons and zucchini. Throughout the summer, you’ll find gorgeous vine-ripened tomatoes, plump local strawberries, and the sweetest sweet corn, plus shelves of put-up jellies, pickles, and relishes.

What to eat at Burris Farm Market

For Roadfooders who don’t have time, patience, or a mobile kitchen to take advantage of the bounteous harvest, Burris also has a bakery at the back of the market. Here you can buy delicious strawberry bread as well as loaves of regular bread; but more important, you can buy dessert to eat immediately at one of the few random tables in the bakery and market area. The warm desserts include apple dumplings and peach cobbler, available with ice cream melting on top, as well as fresh strawberry shortcake and several kinds of pie.

If you notice a fetching toasty aroma coming from behind the market, that means they are currently roasting goobers to become the favorite road-trip snack for all true southerners, the boiled peanut … or as it is pronounced by many locals, the “bald peanut.” Boiled peanuts are nothing like the crunchy ones most of the world knows as cocktail companions. They are soft, seasoned, luscious and, for many of us, an acquired taste. However, once acquired, a taste for boiled peanuts tends to be insatiable.

What To Eat

apple dumpling

strawberry shortcake

boiled peanuts

Peach Cobbler

Peanut Butter Pie


Burris Farm Market Bakery Recipes


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September 7th, 2023

Is your bakery perminately closed?


Barbara Fowler

April 5th, 2022

Is the bakery open for customers?


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