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Review by: Maggie Rosenberg & Trevor Hagstrom

Decades of Lobster

Down the road from Kennebunkport’s village center is Cape Porpoise. It is the home of Nunan’s Lobster Hut, a Maine shoreline best since 1953. The Nunan family’s history catching lobster goes back to the 1930’s. Today they still catch their own. And they serve them with the simplest accompaniments: a miniature bag of Lay’s potato chips, a few pickle chips, and a roll.

How to Have your Lobster

Boiled, whole is the way to go. But lobster rolls and lobster stew are good alternatives. The stew is old fashioned. Slightly overcooked chunks of tail meat crowd a portion of lobster-scented butter and milk broth. We enjoy it in a Spartan way, But whole lobster is still a better way to go. Nothing but butter can improve good lobster served in a large metal tray hot from the pot. They come full of briny water. Crack them carefully or you will squirt your neighbor. Even if you aren’t ordering a whole lobster, we recommend wearing a bib. It serves as protection from neighboring lobster shuckers

Save Appetite for Blueberry Pie

Nunan’s also offers homey baked goods for dessert. Nunan matrons have perfected these recipes over decades. Blueberry pie earns them the highest praise. It is old-fashioned pie with a supple shortening crust. Its sweetness comes from more from the violet filling of wild blueberries than sugar. 

For Lobster-Frowners

An unofficial “child’s menu” of burgers, hot dogs and peanut butter sandwiches provides an alternative to lobster. Those who like the surf & turf configuration can get steak, too. But at Nunan’s, lobster rules. It would be daffy to get anything else.

It’s Popular

Nunan’s does dinner only. It’s best to arrive early because it fills up immediately and waits get longer into the night. Locals and travelers all know it as a Maine shoreline best. The dining room feels like a docked house boat overlooking the swamps of Cape Porpoise. From table-side windows you can see members of the Nunan family pulling live lobsters from their tanks out back into the kitchen. Being a dinner house rather than a pound, Nunan’s offers table service and a range of alcoholic drinks to accompany the lobster.

What To Eat

Lobster Diner

Lobster Stew

Blueberry Pie


Nunan’s Lobster Hut | Maine Shoreline Best Recipes


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